Sleeping Beauty

Last night , I returned to work after being off an entire week for my second infusion of chemo . What I didn't expect was the very , very warm welcome upon my return . I didn't go around telling everyone about the return of my cancer , so it seems the word got around during my week off . I was welcomed back with hugs and kisses . How very heartwarming !

The night passed quickly and amicably . I was getting extremely tired as the night went on and it took me longer to get things done . By the end , my feet were burning and I couldn't get home fast enough .

The best part of working nights and getting off at 6: 30 a.m. in the morning , is that I can do my shopping right after with limited shoppers at the store . I love that about doing my errands . This morning , feeling the way I did , I chose to do the most important ones and head home as soon as possible .

Coming home , I dropped off to sleep as soon as I walked into my bedroom . I slept for the entire day , only waking for meals . Times like these , I am so grateful for Emily . She simply takes cares of things and of me .

Here I am , finally awake at  8:00 p.m. , thinking I just slept another day away . That seems to be the pattern with this  round of treatment . I sleep alot and feel like time is slipping away , a regular Sleeping Beauty . For someone who likes to feel they are accomplishing something everyday , this is hard to take in . The treatment is for 6 months . That's alot of time wasted sleeping .

When I consider all the different types of side effects I have had during my re-occurrences , this is really not a bad one . So , my friends , as I head off to the land of nod , I bid you a Blessed Night .


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