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Sometimes We Just Mess Up

     Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey. 
When  I first found the story below, I knew I had to share it with the rest of you. Actually, I laughed out loud, because which one of us hasn't messed up and behaved in a very unflattering way? We are all human. We all make mistakes. I hope you enjoy and may it bring a smile to a dreary day. I was driving down the street one day and pulled up behind a man at a red light. I looked at his car and I saw a bumper sticker on the back that said, “Honk, if you love Jesus.” So the light turned green, and as I got in the left lane to pass him, I beeped my horn a few times and waved. Well, I apparently infuriated that fellow. He had forgotten about the bumper sticker, so he threw his hands up in the air and started yelling at me out his window. I couldn’t tell exactly what he said, but I know for sure it wasn’t “Jesus loves you.” As a believer, you’re going to live your life under a microscope. When people find out you’re a…

The Day After

                                  Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

Many of today’s moms  trudge around in circles from morning until night, wondering how they can get everything done. Many are employed full-time while also taking care of families, chauffeuring kids, fixing meals, cleaning the house, and trying to maintain marriages, friendships, and spiritual obligations. It’s a breathless way of life we call “routine panic.”
Dr. James Dobson

It's been a long, but wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. We are definitely enjoying the four day weekend, even forgetting what day it is for real. 

We are also taking a break from the everyday chores of living like laundry and washing dishes. This morning our kitchen sink looked like a pile of dirty pots and pans. I think every spoon, bowl and cup was in there that we owned. Not only was the sink overflowing, but so were the counters.  

We laughed out loud upon seeing that huge mess. We are two people and yet we have created such…

A Day Well Spent

Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey. Is life a noxious weed which whirlwinds sow?
A useless flint o'er which the waters flow?
Not so!
A life well spent has not its weight in gold;
It is the clearest crystal earth doth hold,
A gem beside which suns seem dull and cold. --Robert Louis Stevenson.

Having stayed up pretty late the night before, the last thing I wanted this morning was to get up. The rainy weather outside didn't help. All I wanted to do was stay in wearing my pajamas, watch the mystery marathon on WYCC and crochet. Nothing new there. That's all I ever want to do.

This morning was a little different. I had a coffee date with an old friend from work. A few years back, we worked together on the same shift and had lunch almost every single day. She's been wanting to get together for a long time now. 

This morning the last thing I wanted was to meet up with anyone, but I went and I couldn't be happier that I did. …

Throwback Thursday

Highlights Of 2012
                                         Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This morning I'm feeling very happy, relaxed and extremely grateful for all that God has done for me and my family. I hope that all of you feel the same. Today's post goes way back to 2012. I love going back and re-visiting the past. It's always great to see how far we have come as a family. I did discover something very true, though. The Fall/Winter Season does seem to be the time when I go into treatment. Here we are in November and going through another bout with cancer. I hope you enjoy. As this year comes to a close , I find myself reflecting on the many things this past year had to offer . It's almost funny that I started 2012 with my second bout with cancer and I'm ending 2012 with my third bout . In fact , it seems my cancer likes to make an appearance in the Fall / Winter season .

The first half of the year was pretty ro…

Are You Happy?

Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

Are You Happy? The words jumped off the page screaming loudly to my heart. Are you happy? How am I to answer that loaded question? According to what category? I don't know. I really don't know. It depends on the day or the situation or how I'm feeling. Maybe I should ask another question.

Are you rested? Is your heart full?  Is your cup filled with overflowing rested peace?

For so long I have been starving for that rest. Life's problems can be so draining of all our much needed essentials that only a contented heart can fill. Sometimes, we become way too busy and are not even aware of our hearts depletion. I have been searching for a renewal.

I sat in Church last Sunday and felt contentment. Contentment, because I felt the beginning of rest. It didn't happen overnight, it actually took over two whole years. I was afraid it would never come back.

Our hearts have to be fed to sustain it's growth. We can never flouris…

The 5 Step Program

Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.
There is not a creature from England 's king To the peasant that delves the soil, Who knows half the pleasures the seasons bring If he had not his share of toil. --Barry Cornwall. It's been an incredibly difficult work week with the cold affecting my poor old knees. I felt as if I was dragging a cement block instead of an actual foot. Horrible, truly horrible, especially since I'm on my feet all day. I couldn't wait for the weekend to come. So how do you get rid of the stress of the work week? Step 1- You take a hot, bubbly soak in the tub. The problem was actually sinking into the tub and getting out of it. If you ever had swollen knees, you'd understand the difficulty in that feat. Once  I finally accomplished that, I think the entire building heard my "ahh". Step 2-You get a massage. I have a membership at Massage Envy that my Aunt gave me for my fiftieth birthday. So I go almost every month for my free …

The Hibernation

                        Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

Well folks it's official, I'm in total hibernation mode. No use in denying it. I could sit around and do absolutely nothing and be happy doing that. As much as I loved being busy and active, quite the opposite has been occurring now. Although, not by my own choice.

There have been so many changes these past couple of years that I feel as if our lives have been stagnant waiting for something, just not sure what that may be. We've been walking on a treadmill not really going anywhere, not making any headway or falling back. No matter how hard we try, pushing and shoving, there is no real progress.
I'm becoming more and more tired of the plainness, the sameness and the ordinariness of our everyday life. I'm ready for a change, but what is that change to be?
That's the huge question, isn't it? What's next in life. We all ponder it,  go into a depression over it, and for some of us, it …

Throwback Thursday

                                   5Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

EveryEvery year at this time, I always take the majority of my vacation. A week of Thanksgiving and the two last weeks in December. This has been going on for years, except this year I had to give up Thanksgiving and a few days in December (team player stuff).

There is nothing more relaxing than to be off for at least a week at a time. I would choose projects to work on that required quite a bit of my time like writing or a difficult crochet project. Last year, I actually wrote the majority of my first e-book during this Holiday.

One tradition we have kept is eating tofu turkey on Thanksgiving with wild rice stuffing. Love it! Emily's adoptive family has moved to Puerto Rico and their Holiday dinners have ceased. My Godson added a baby sister Alexa to Lachlan.

So much has changed since 2012, but some things do stay the same. . . .the things that matter the most.

If I had to rate this H…

A Dinosaur In A Modern World

                                          Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

We all have experienced seasons of all types in our life. We have our good days and we have our bad days. It seems this week it has been more of the latter for me. Last night in particular, brought to mind a time when I was travelling to Springfield via Amtrak. On our first stop, an older lady got on and made her way to the empty seat beside me. She sat down. We said hello. She's visiting her son's family just as I. I like your shoes. Thank you very much. We chatted about the scenery and the weather. Where do you work? I've recently retired. What? I'm a little shocked, because she isn't that much older than I. I ask her why.
You see, I worked in a bank handling large corporate clients. Then these young bucks straight from college came in with these new ideas and better ways to be more efficient. Suddenly, I found myself struggling to keep up in their world. I've worked th…

A Messy Avenue

                                         Everyday is a brand  new day, everyday is a journey.

There has been quite a mess out here on the avenue, bulldozer style. Every morning I awaken to the sounds of digging and drilling and clanging of the replacement of the sewer pipes. The massive machinery billowing great waves of dust that hangs in the atmosphere just below our windows. Thank goodness it is Fall and our windows are closed. The streets are blocked and alleyways have become the new roadway as car after car searches for a way out amidst the construction chaos. Who ever thought there would be a traffic jam in an alley? Yet, it is all true and happening now on the avenue. The atmosphere inside isn't any better. A shortage of parking due to this construction, and a  violation from the city inspector  over our dumping of garbage incorrectly has definitely set not only the residence on edge, but the landlord as well. Yes, life on the avenue isn't quite the enjoyable picnic it ha…

Commonly Asked Questions

                                          Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

The minute people find out that I have cancer, question after question follows as a deep desire is found to know more about the newest health threat. Cancer is everywhere. We all know someone who either has it, had it or is awaiting results. The number one question that is asked of me?

HOW did you know?
I actually felt my tumor, all seven pounds of it. The only problem was that I didn't even think it was cancer. I just knew that something wasn't right, maybe a bacterial infection of sorts, but as soon as Emily graduated I would go in for an examination. I didn't have time before that to go in.

Didn't you have regular pap smears?
Believe it or not, pap smears don't show ovarian cancer, only a scan or a blood test CA125. Ovarian cancer is called the silent killer, because it is difficult to diagnosis in it's early stages. A pap smear is good for cervical/uterine cancer or any…

Throwback Thursday

Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a new journey.

It seems there is a pattern to my treatments. I become very tired and lack energy. Whoa, wait a minute, isn't that expected? Of course! The problem is with me. It makes no difference how bad my treatment may be, I still think I can maintain an active lifestyle. I continue to fill my plate until it's overflowing, believing I can do it all.

Not anymore. This time around, I'm taking it slow. Astonishingly, I'm not feeling guilty about not being productive. I am learning to relax and listen to my body.

O Wallow , Wallow
  I have to apologize for neglecting everyone...this blog duties at church . I have been wallowing in self-pity .  Have been laying in bed for three days ....sick .  This last chemo  took a lot more out of me than I can handle . I have one more to go in a month and I'm dreading it . This whole month has been dreadful for me . Something is going on inside of me . I'm sicker than…

Before The Sun Comes Up

                             Everyday is a brand new day, everyday                                                  is a journey. And who will walk a mile with me Along life's weary way? A friend whose heart has eyes to see The stars shine out o'er the darkening lea, And the quiet rest at the end of the day-- A friend who knows and dares to say, The brave sweet words that cheer the way Where he walks a mile with me. --Henry van Dyke.

I sat on the marble bench inside the hospital awaiting for Radiology to open. It was early. I was very early. It was dark outside when I left my apartment, hardly any cars on the road.

I sat on that marble bench with an elderly woman looking through the ceiling to floor windows as the sun slowly appeared. I watched as the world awakened to a new day. So beautiful. So very beautiful. How I missed seeing all that Glory that each and every new day brings!

I remember many a mornings such as this one. I can remember the snow covered trees and cars as Wint…

Simply Books

Everyday is a brand new day, everyday
                                                   is a journey.

My boycott of television during the week is still ongoing. I find that I don't miss it at all. Instead, I have been occupying that time reading.

First, let me say that I love books. Not just to read them, but to display them. I love their binding, their covers and just plain the feel of a book. I cannot even imagine reading without holding one in my hands. Books to me are to be cherished, respected and used often.

Before we moved into this tiny apartment, I had quite a collection displaying a variety of books and topics. I ended up donating the majority of them, because the size of our apartment. To this day, I regret it so much.

Since then I have begun another collection and I have to say it is growing beautifully. My hope is that in my golden years of retirement, I will be able to spend my free time reading all of them. Now, we know what happens when we make plans like that, the …

The Whisper In My Ear

                            Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

I  didn't want to go to Church today. I spent yesterday running around doing errands and before I knew it, it was over. Emily was serving both services this morning, plus a training meeting afterwards. The thought of having the apartment all to myself was so inviting.

Come on, you deserve it! The weekend is almost over and you've had no time for rest! What a perfect opportunity! Don't miss it! It's just one Sunday!

It would be so easy to listen to that voice whispering in my ear, but I can't.  It's not a good voice. It's the deceiver  and the liar. Don't be fooled.

Oh, that Holy Spirit that is living inside of me is whispering to my heart. Has God not been good to me? Has He not provided when the balance in the checking account was low? Has not that '98 Durango been starting up and running every single time? Only by His Grace am I walking around, only by His Grace.

With a h…

You Will Not Be A Procrastinator

                                        Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

A tired face stared back at me in the bathroom mirror. The sun barely rose over the horizon and here I was preparing to start my day. Another thing to check off our "to do" list. I had to use all of my strength not to crawl back into bed.

You will not be a procrastinator.

We were doing so good lately in not putting things off until tomorrow even if that meant a fast-paced tempo throughout the day. We renewed our Id's at the DMV, registered for Open Enrollment for our insurance and made appointments for our flu shots. We even had time for a couple of job applications (for Emily)  right along with assessment tests.

This morning we're off for a tune up on our car and a quick coffee date with a friend. A quick coffee because my tiny apartment is once again brimming with baby blankets, hats and scarves from my Ministry ladies. We have to launder, fold and pack all the beautiful goodie…

When The Devil Knocks

Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                            everyday is a new journey.

We never know what kind of day it will turn out to be when we awaken each morning. We get up, have coffee and a small bite to eat. We get dressed and venture out into the world.

Somewhere along the way, the devil has his own plans for you  with a completely different agenda.

An appointment gets cancelled, one that you ended up cancelling something else to make room for it in the first place.

Construction, traffic, road blocks, street cleaning, tree trimming and even traffic signal repair block your every turn as you go about your errands or on your way to work, all at once.

At work, your swamped and behind while more work is piling up. The computer goes haywire and suddenly doesn't recognize your password. Everyone has a problem and you're their solution. A headache comes on.

In the midst of it all, I turn on the radio and sing along praising our Lord. You see, I can…

Throwback Thursday

                     Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.
Uggh! Those unrelenting irritations! I believe God had me work through my cancer during this time. I think I really was too sick the first time. I needed to go through all of this to be where I am now.

Most of all, I remember feeling so very hopeless and victim-like. I had to deal with the concept of dying. That is so difficult to overcome and yet so necessary for anyone going through a chronic illness.

Getting Angry
  On Monday, I totally lost it and became so angry that I did something that I never thought I would. It started out with my car overheating as I drove Emily to work early in the morning. Once again, it was something real stupid like a rubber cap that needed to be replaced for the cost of  .99 cents. Whatever.
  From that point on nothing and I mean nothing worked. It was an escalade of events that came crashing down like a tower. I started crying  and I yelled at God. I just started yelling at Him w…

Low On Energy

Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

Not so in haste, my heart! Have faith in God and wait; Although he linger long, He never comes too late. Until he cometh, rest, Nor grudge the hours that roll; The feet that wait for God Are soonest at the goal; Are soonest at the goal That is not gained by speed; Then hold thee still, my heart, For I shall wait his lead. --Bayard Taylor.
I'm the type of person who thrives in the busyness of life, even though you may hear me complaining about the lack of time to accomplish tasks. I feel productive and useful when I can mark off items off the "to do" list. That's why it's so difficult for me to accept the new me with this hormone treatment.

I have had different types of treatments, each one came with totally opposite symptoms. Yet, I've never felt this sluggish, low on energy and basically immobile. I have no desire to do anything. I feel as if I'm taking a muscle relaxer or smoking a joint (without the hi…

When All Else Fails

                                          Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

The praying spirit breathe,
The watching power impart,
From all entanglements beneath
Call off my anxious heart.
My feeble mind sustain,
By worldly thoughts oppressed;
Appear, and bid me turn again
To my eternal rest.

When all else fails. . . . stop! Stop whatever you planned on doing and give it a rest until further notice. This past Sunday that couldn't have been more true.

Coming home from Church, I quickly threw a glance into the laundry room and seeing the washing machine stand empty, I scampered up the stairs as fast as I possibly could. I wanted to do a load before someone else beat me to it. Grabbing the hamper, I lugged it downstairs only to find to my dismay that someone did.

Back and forth I went at least three times, lugging that hamper with me up and down the stairs. Each time the washing machine was in use. I gave up after that, deciding that maybe I shouldn't b…

A Worry-Free Sunday

Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

OVERHEARD IN AN ORCHARD Said the Robin to the Sparrow:
“I should really like to know
Why these anxious human beings
Rush about and worry so?” Said the Sparrow to the Robin:
“Friend, I think that it must be
That they have no Heavenly Father
Such as cares for you and me.”
—Elizabeth Cheney It takes all of my strength not to worry about things. I have always been a worrier, stemming I think from my being a single mom. There was no one to share the load with and for that reason my children did get away with things, especially Emily. Looking back now, I know I could have done much, much better job than I actually have done.

Yet, letting go of the worry takes a lot of work. It all has do with trust. It's fine and dandy when things are looking great. I mean, it's easy to say I trust God when the balance on the checking account has more than a couple of digits, all the bills are paid, the children seem happy and you just got a raise.