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Here Comes A New Beginning

Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

The Holy Supper is kept, 
In what so we share with another's need;
Not what we give, 
but what we share,
For the gift without the giver is bare;
Who gives himself with his alms feeds three,
his hungering neighbor, 
and me. --James Russell Lowell.
Well, here we are off from work as we anxiously await the sign in front of our building to be changed from Avon to Fareva. Will the closing go through this time? We can only hope. Last time, we apparently weren't ready.

During this past week, we worked ten hour days to finish off all of our work before this closing and transition. We also did our open enrollment for our health insurance. Let me tell you that I must be getting old, because I truly had a difficult time understanding the new website and enrollment. So many things that have to be considered when it comes to health insurance. Why has it gotten so hard and difficult to …

First Tracking Snow!

Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

He who plants a tree
Plants a hope.
Rootlets up through fibers blindly grope,
Leaves unfold unto horizons free.
So man's life must climb
From the clods of time
Unto heavens sublime.
Canst thou prophesy, 
thou little tree,
What the glory of the boughs shall be? --Lucy Larcom.

I've always loved a good Winter scene. In fact, that's exactly how I envisioned my retirement to be. Or at least, the first Winter.

Yesterday, we had our very first tracking snow. Emily and I have been waiting for one, because of an old wive's tale. For the last two years we have been following this tale to see how much snow we would have during Winter. So how do you tell? What date did the first tracking snow fall on? Since it fell on the 25th that means 25 snow falls this Winter. Sounds like a lot, right? Well, we will see what happens.

When we got up that morning, I really had no idea of just how bad it was. Em…

The Six Year Plan: No Tiny House

Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                                        everyday is a journey.

So frail is the youth and beauty of men,
Though they bloom and look gay like the rose;
But all our fond cares to preserve them is vain,
Time kills them as fast as he goes.
Then I'll not be proud of my youth nor my beauty,
Since both of them wither and fade;
But gain a good name by well doing my duty;
For this will scent like the rose when I'm dead.
--Isaac Watts.

If you have been following my blog, you know how much I love Tiny Houses. It is from that love that living simply has erupted into a lifestyle for me, even though I am not yet living it completely the way I may want to. When this plan came into being, my first thought happened to a THOW, but I also researched other types of homes like an Rv or a cabin. 

After much consideration, I have decided to eliminate the Tiny House from my list of p…

The Five Year Plan: The Beginning and The End

Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

Be useful where thou livest, that they may
Both want and wish thy pleasing presence still;
Kindness, good parts, great places are the way
To compass this. Find out men's wants and will,
And meet them there. All worldly joys go less
To the one joy of doing kindnesses.
--George Herbert.

Five years! That was originally the time chosen for my retirement plans. A lot can happen in that span of time. A relationship can be formed, perhaps even a marriage. A child can be born or even two. Even a dream can be shattered.

                                        My board is ready! Time to display anything and everything I need to achieve in these five years. 

                                  The five year calendar. Everyday I will place an X representing I am one day closer to achieving my dream. These five years are my pre-retiring years.

Well, that was the beginning and then something horri…

The YouTube Channel

Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                                   everyday is a journey.

Believ'st thou in eternal things?
    Thou knowest, in thy inmost heart,
  Thou art not clay; thy soul hath wings,
    And what thou seest is but part.
  Make this thy med'cine for the smart
    Of every day's distress; be dumb,
  In each new loss thou truly art
    Tasting the power of things that come.
T. W. Parsons

As all of you know, I have started a YouTube Channel. Now, I have a lot to learn. In order to do just that, I have begun researching other cancer channels on YouTube. Well, I have to admit that I am deeply disappointed.

First of all, there really aren't that many. The majority of them are breast cancers and I've only found one ovarian, but she hasn't posted in over a year so I am not sure what is happening there. The others are advertising cures for cancer. I've watched one…

Project 2019

Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                         everyday is a journey.

His was the heart that overmuch
In human goodness puts its trust,
And his the keen, satiric touch
That shrivels falsehood into dust. Fierce for the right, he bore his part
In strife with many a valiant foe;
But laughter winged his polished dart,
And kindness tempered every blow. --William Winter.
Every year, I try to have a set of goals that I need to work on. I haven't done resolutions for decades, because we set such unrealistic plans for ourselves that we are doomed to fail. Goals are a bit different. Goals aren't made flippantly, goals are really our dreams. 

My first project for 2019 includes my workplace. A new company needs a new attitude employee. This will be my new beginning and I will embrace it wholeheartedly. I also plan on working all the necessary overtime for one simple reason. I have realized that my old ret…

Prepping For The Winter

Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                                        everyday is a journey.

Thy home is with the humble, Lord!
    The simple are Thy rest;
  Thy lodging is in childlike hearts;
    Thou makest there Thy nest.

Every Fall, we sit down and make a list for what we need for the upcoming Winter. We prep in every way possible. This year it seems that the cold has come pretty early. I am not really ready to prep. I'm even wondering if I should. 

There has been so much going on that time is very precious and in short supply. Plus, I feel we are already busting at the seams with stuff. There's stuff everywhere, I walk into the pantry and things keep falling down on top of me from every direction. The shelves in the living room are busting out from books and knickknacks laying around on top of each other. Everywhere one looks, there just too much stuff. The closets…

Thanksgiving Traditions

Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                                           everyday is a journey.

They do not toil:
  Content with their allotted task
  They do but grow; they do not ask
  A richer lot, a higher sphere,
  But in their loveliness appear,
  And grow, and smile, and do their best,
  And unto God they leave the rest.

So today is Thanksgiving and like many of our Holidays, the true traditions are once again lost. As I age, I see the valuable traditions disappear. That saddens me and I often wonder what has happened to them. When did they begin disappearing? Was it during my generational Youth or the next one? Did I have a part in it? 

Society plays a huge part in it. Thanksgiving gets lost somewhere between Halloween and Christmas. The Christmas items are brought out in the stores well ahead of Thanksgiving promoting one over another. Even the workplace doesn&…

Where Is This Coming From?

Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

Who cares for the burden,
 the night,
ess a light shines plain,
When a voice calls "Hail," 
and a friend draws rein,
With an arm for the stubborn load? For life is the chance of a friend or two
This side of the journey's goal.
Though the world be a desert the long night through,
Yet the gay flowers bloom and the sky shows blue
When a soul salutes a soul. --Unknown
I've never really had a midlife crisis that many people experience. I'm not even sure if I believe in one. I can say that I have been lately feeling very defeated and quite angry. Now, that truly scares me a bit. The last time I have ever been angry like this was many, many years ago when my youngest son died. It was the second time in about 3 or 4 years that I buried another child. Another son. 

That period in my life was the darkest where I was so full of anger towards God. I was brought up in the Catholic faith where w…

Fall Is Quickly Leaving

Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

God doth not need
  Either man's works or His own gifts;
 who best Bear His mild yoke,
 they serve Him best; 
His state Is kingly; 
thousands at His bidding speed,
  And post o'er land and ocean without rest;
  They also serve who only stand and wait.

The Fall colors are absolutely my favorite of all. I love to see the different shades of yellows, reds and browns that emerge surrounding the landscape in it's true beauty. I feel like this year, I wasn't able to enjoy Fall at all. It certainly seems to have been a short Season, since the majority of us have already experienced snow. 

Winter is fast creeping up kicking Fall out. Bullying his way in whether we like it or not. Are you ready? I know I certainly am not. I wanted to enjoy the Fall colors for a bit longer. I think my trip to Arizona kind of shortened my Season here. Their Fall is nothing like ours. T…

The Vegetation

Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                                           everyday is a journey.

 Fling wide the portals of your heart,
  Make it a temple set apart
  From earthly use for Heaven's employ,
  Adorned with prayer, and love, and joy.
  So shall your Sovereign enter in,
  And new and nobler life begin.

One thing that truly surprised me about Arizona are all the different bushes and flowers that can grow there, especially the rose bushes. We kept driving past this rose bush farm of every color. Talk about beauty! A huge array of color splashed across the landscape. Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.

The grass itself happens to be very soft unlike the kind we have here in Illinois. It's more delicate, because of the temperatures. Not everyone has grass here. There are many homes that have gravel rocks and that looks pretty good,too. I think that's what I would do if …

The Mexican Border

Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

Not from the dangers that beset our path
From storm or sudden death,
 or pain or wrath,
We pray deliverance;
But from the envious eye,
 the narrowed mind
Of those that are the vultures of mankind
Thy aid advance. Not at the strong man's righteous rage or hate,
But at the ambushed malice laid in wait
Thy strength arise;
At those who ever seek to spot the fair
White garments of a neighbor's character
With mud of lies. --Theodosia P. Garrison.
The Mexican Border. So much controversy. So much conversation. So much anguish. There was a point in our train journey where we actually came close to the Mexican Border. I was excited and I wasn't the only one. Almost everyone on the train leaned in closer to the windows, cameras in hand. 

You know, Ted mentioned something the other day while we were sightseeing. We saw so many fences in people's yards that were made from stone blocks hiding everyth…

The Mountains

Everyday is a brand new day, 
                                                                     everyday is a journey.

I've many a cross to take up now,
    And many left behind;
  But present troubles move me not,
    Nor shake my quiet mind.
  And what may be to-morrow's cross
    I never seek to find;
  My Father says, "Leave that to me,
    And keep a quiet mind."

The mountains! Let me tell you how surprised I am to find Arizona surrounded by these huge mountains. I don't know what it was I expected this state to look like, but never like this, that's for sure. One could stand in one spot and do a complete 360 in that spot to find a complete circle of mountains in the background. Gorgeous!

As of now, the Mountains are my favorite and my choice of residence. If I had to choose right now where in Arizona I would live, that's where I am heading. We spent an entire day at Prescott. There is …

Sightseeing With Dad

Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

Being perplexed, I say,
Lord, make it right!
Night is as day to Thee,
Darkness is light.
I am afraid to touch
Things that involve so much;--
My trembling hand may shake,
My skill-less hand may break:
Thine can make no mistake. 

After settling in the Resort, we decided to spend an entire day sightseeing with dad. We went to the mountains in Prescott, but I will show that tomorrow. Today, I just want to post some pictures of all of us. The ones below are in dad's garden around his citrus trees, an orange, a tangerine and a lemon. 

These below are of our sightseeing in the mountains. The weather out there was a constant 78-80 degrees during the day and nighttime around 56-60. Beautiful. One could tell who the tourists were and who the residents. The residents walked around in sweaters and jackets while we the tourists had sleeveless tops and shorts. They were cold! It is Fall/…