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Just Share It:Elisa Morgan

Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                                               everyday is a journey.

There is nothing so small but that we hono
 God by asking his guidance of it,

I wish I could say that I have found this lovely article, but actually it was sent to me via e-mail from Grandma Barb. How did she know that I have been struggling with negativity? Whenever that happens, I revert to comparing myself or my life to everyone else's. Look at that person over there, my dream just happened in their life. Or Her life seems so together. Her children are perfect. Her marriage. It doesn't matter what it may be, I am too busy comparing to someone else what I think I don't have. This article reminds me so much of the problem we all have with thinking the grass is always greener on the other side. It never crosses our minds that perhaps that person is thinking the sam…

Love Thy Neighbor

Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey

My minde to me a kingdom is:
Such perfect joy therein I finde
As far exceeds all earthly blisse
That God or nature hath assignede. —William Byrd.

When we became apartment dwellers back in 2011, we welcomed the change with open arms. After so many years of being home owners, it felt good not to worry about the daily upkeep. There were no more woes of weekly lawn care or cleaning out the gutters. When the snow storms hit, we came home to shoveled sidewalks. If something major broke, we just dialed l-a-n-d-lo-r-d. It felt good to be an apartment dweller.
For several years, we were blessed with great neighbors. Everyone cared and respected each other. Then one day, someone moved out and a neighbor from hell moved in. That's all it took to disrupt the harmony.
There are people out there who only care about themselves and show little or no respect for everyone else. They are not mean people who…

The Buddha Effect

Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

Love divine has seen and counted
Every tear it caused to fall;
And the storm which Love appointed
Was its choicest gift of all.

Boy, am I missing a hot, long soak in the tub! When I was younger and actually could enjoy a leisurely soak, I didn't. Now that my body cannot do so because of my bad joints, I really miss it. Even if by some miracle I would be able to get into the tub, getting out was even harder. Bending and lifting these legs can be very painful. They sometimes feel like blocks of cement.
The last time I stayed by my son's home, they prepared a nice hot tubful of bubbles for me. They have this big and beautiful soaker tub that I felt for sure I could get into with no problem. It was a little tricky, but I got in and relaxed, enjoying every minute of it. I even used those new bath balls that had glitter in it.
When I was done, I pulled the plug and attempted to hoist m…

Reflections On Money

Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                                         everyday is a journey.

The parting sun sends out a glow Across the placid bay, Touching with glory all the show-- A breeze! Up helm! Away! Careening to the wind, they reach, With laugh and call, the shore. They've left their footprints on the beach, But them I hear no more. --Richard Henry Dana.
Situations with money are totally split in our family. Some of us have done well and some quite the opposite. Some of us knew right from the start how to handle money and others learned the hard way. Of course, there are those that will never learn at all or think they need to. I really don't know too much about my paternal side, but the part I do know, it's pretty much not different from the maternal.

I think that the financial status of people are basically the same in every household and every family. One th…

Working out the Kinks

Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

Rivers to the ocean run,
Nor stay in all their course;
Fire ascending seeks the sun;
Both speed them to their source
;So a soul that's born of God
,Pants to view his glorious face,
Upward tends to his abode,
To rest in his embrace. —Robert Seagrave

It has been quite an interesting last two weeks. Even though it may seem there has been silence on my end, things have been moving forward. For instance, my work for the past several years has been pretty monotonous. I could do this particular position with my eyes closed. It has not provided any kind of challenge to me and I can honestly say it has been the easiest position I have held.
These past two weeks have been invigorating, revitalizing, a regular breath of fresh air. They have added more work to my plate and I love it. I love being busy where the time flies by in a heartbeat. I look up and it's lunchtime. I look up again and there…

Just A Friendly Reminder

Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

Whate'er the care which breaks thy rest,
Whate'er the wish that swells thy breast;
Spread before God that wish, that care,
And change anxiety to prayer.

Back in the day when I was young, I remember reading an interview done with a particular tennis star. I cannot remember their name, but they were very popular back then. In this interview he was quoted saying that the hardest thing to do is to finish a game you know you have lost.
Whenever I have a difficult week, this comes back to me, reminding me that I need to finish off the week. It doesn't matter how bad it can get, quitting just isn't an option.
Emily has this one co-worker, a very young girl, that keeps walking out whenever things become a bit too hot. There may be too many customers in line. A fellow co-worker may be giving her a hard time. In both situations, she has just simply walked out. The funn…

Fighting Negativity

Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                                       everyday is a journey.

She doeth little kindnesses
    Which most leave undone or despise;
  For nought which sets one heart at ease,
  And giveth happiness or peace,
    Is low-esteemed in her eyes.

Negativity has been something that I have struggled with from time to time. It hasn't ruled my life, but it likes to creep in occasionally. I have tried to keep a positive outlook, looking at life as a half-filled glass rather than an empty one. I have also found that there are some trigger points that can set me off into a pit of despair. These trigger points can be something as small as a bad day or a careless comment made by someone. Either way, doubts appear almost instantly.
Negativity isn't an isolated feeling, we all experience it without even trying. Not all of us can conquer it, not even I. It tak…

A Winter's Prep

Everyday is a brand new day,
                                             everyday is a journey.

Thy calmness bends serene above
    My restlessness to still;
  Around me flows Thy quickening life,
    To nerve my faltering will;
  Thy presence fills my solitude;
  Thy providence turns all to good.

Well, Labor Day has come and gone. All the children, both small and grown, should be in school by now. The garden should be thinning out, unless you have planted a Fall one. The weather is cooling off with that occasional heat wave here and there. One can hear the birds announcing their departure as they take their V formation. Even the trees are losing their greenness.
Fall is almost here. For some, it might already be here. This is the time where I sit down and make a list. I take stock of what needs to be done and what needs to be replaced. I check the pantry and make sure we have enough of everything. I check the medicine cabinet and rest…

Letting A Dream Die

Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                                                everyday is a journey.

It is perfectly obvious that men .
do necessarily absorb, out of the influences
 in which they grow up, 
something which gives a complexion
 to their whole after-character.
—Anthony Froude.

We as humans have a natural desire to dream. We learn early on in our life that in order for us to achieve what we want, we have to ask for it. That can come in many forms. We can verbalize what we want. We will get down on our knees every night before bed and pray for it. We can write about our deepest wishes in the form of a letter or secret diary. Whatever way we choose, we learn very quickly that if we stay the course, God will hear our request. 

What are you dreaming for? What have you spent years praying for? How many tears have you wept over that dream? How much preparation have you spent t…

What Have I Been Up To

Everyday is a brand new day,
                                              everyday is a journey.

Believ'st thou in eternal things?
    Thou knowest, in thy inmost heart,
  Thou art not clay; thy soul hath wings,
    And what thou seest is but part.
  Make this thy med'cine for the smart
    Of every day's distress; be dumb,
  In each new loss thou truly art
    Tasting the power of things that come.
T. W. Parsons.

I know it's been very quiet on my end in regards to my blog. Honestly, my fatigue has gotten the best of me. I sleep when I am tired, I rest whenever I can. I basically have been taking it easy, doing a little bit at a time.
Even my crocheting has been suffering. My right wrist has been hurting on and off for quite awhile. Whenever I would work on the homeless mats, my wrist would blow up swollen. I've decided to rest this hand and perhaps finally get it situated. I've been using a loom instead of the crocheting hook. It is much less strain on it and even then, …

The Most Productive Weekend By Far

Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                             everyday is a journey

O Love, how cheering is Thy ray!
    All pain before Thy presence flies;
  Care, anguish, sorrow, melt away,
    Where'er Thy healing beams arise.
  O Father, nothing may I see,
  Nothing desire, or seek, but Thee.

Folks, it has been a very, very busy three day weekend for me. Yet, I don't feel worn out at all. I had so much fun that it hardly seems like a working weekend. Maybe, because I truly enjoy what I do outside of my real job. 

Saturday morning, I set out for the farmer's market quite early so I could pick up all on my list. Once, I went there towards the end and the stalls were pretty skimpy. I bought a bushel of tomatoes, because the Summer garden is pretty much done and I know tomatoes will be gone. Same thing with mushrooms and other veggies. After September, it is mostly hardy vegetables…

The End Of August

Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove.
O no! it is an ever-fixed mark
That looks on tempests and is never shaken.
It is the star to every wandering bark,
Whose worth's unknown, 
although his height be taken. —William Shakespeare.

Here we are at the end of August and September is peeking around the corner. My goodness, did time fly by awfully quick this Summer. Didn't we just start the Season with the kids home for vacation, BBQ's and watermelon? Majority of the children are already back for a new school year. Fall is not far behind and pretty soon the year will end. Well, time does go by pretty fast.
 I am such an organizer of everything. I love schedules and calendars. I like order, but one wouldn't believe it by looking at my room. The one place that chaos exists and I love every bit of it. I have spent much time reflect…