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Just Share It: John Piper

Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

All common things,
each days events,
that with the hour begin and end,
o'er pleasures and our descendants
are rounds by which we may ascend.
Henry W. Longfellow

Which one of us, hasn't spent a weekend or more crying ourselves to sleep over the unfairness of life. It may seem that there is no future, nothing to live for, but life does go on. That's the last thing we ever want to hear, because we want to wallow in our sorrow and misery. 

The following article was sent to me, I'm not sure when. I am terrible with keeping up on all current e-mails. It usually takes me a while to sift through all, but this one struck a chord with me, so I'm sharing. I hope this helps someone out there. 

Talk to Your Tears
By John Piper
Those who sow in tears shall reap with shouts of joy! He who goes out weeping, bearing the seed for sowing, shall come home with shouts of j…

Supper For Two

Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                                           everyday is a journey.

The victor's road is the easy way.
Straight it stretches and climbs to where
Fame is waiting with garlands gay
To wreathe the fighter who clambers there.
There's applause in plenty and gold's red gleam
For the man who plays on the winning team. The loser travels a longer lane;
Level it leads to a lonely land.
There's little glory for him to gain
The voices mock him on either hand;
But the man who wins in the greater game
Is the man who, beaten, fights on the same. --G. Rice.

Sunday. . . .is a sacred day for us here in more ways than just Biblical. It's a day where we rest both emotionally and physically. A day where we gather together as a family to bask in each other's company, even if it is irksome at times. This day stays open and free of any obligations to bir…

Letters Of Encouragement Pt.4

Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                                        everyday is a journey.

 I cannot lose Thee! Still in Thee abiding,
    The end is clear, how wide soe'er I roam;
  The Hand that holds the worlds my steps is guiding,
    And I must rest at last in Thee, my home.

I love re-reading old letters and cards, especially if they are filled with encouragement. The following is one of my all time favorites. It's pretty old, all the way from 2012. After reading it, you will see why it will be in my heart forever. To this day, I love bits and pieces of yarn rather than whole skeins. Whenever someone gives me half used yarn, I get excited, because of this letter here. 

Mrs. Krol,
Joey had on his program about your knitting caps. This is some extra yarn mom had when she died 20 years ago. As I packed this yarn, I thought of different things mom had made. I shed some t…

A Self Reliance

Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

Take my hands, and let them move
At the impulse of Thy love.
Take my feet, and let them be
Swift and "beautiful" for Thee.
Take my intellect, and use
Every power as Thou shall choose.

As we age, coming closer to retirement and becoming seniors, being self reliant takes on a different meaning. We wonder if we will be able to take care of ourselves financially, physically and mentally for as long as we can. That's a worry since I'm sitting here soaking my aching feet!

I often wonder how long I can work until my body gives out? That has become a constant worry for me. Sometimes our idea of what our future will look like is nothing like God's for us. My self reliance is very important to me.

In fact, when I inquired of my Chronic Illness Group what their main concern was with their illness, self reliance was number one. All of them were worried about the fut…

Self Reflections

Everyday is a brand new day,                                                                                     everyday is a journey.

O strange and wild is the world of men
Which the eyes of the Lord must see--
With continents, inlands, tribes, and tongues,
With multitudes bond and free!
All kings of the earth bow down to him,
And yet--he can think of me. For none can measure the mind of God
Or the bounds of eternity,
He knows each life that has come from him,
To the tiniest bird and bee,
For the love of his heart is so deep and wide
That it takes in even me. --Mary E. Allbright.

Whenever I have these sleepless nights, my mind wanders to questions of the world or I make lists in my head of all the things I want to do. I write the best stories while laying in bed. Too bad my brain doesn't record the perfect posts for when I am trying to write. Then I can't remember a word let alone a sentence. T…

The Low Maintenance Life.

Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                                                   everyday is a journey.

Blest are the humble souls that wait
With sweet submission to His will; Harmonious all their passions move, And in the midst of storms are still. P. DODDRIDGE.One morning last week, I was going through my daily devotions and came across this lovely title: Living The Low-Maintenance Life. What does that look like, I wondered to myself. I have been searching for that low maintenance lifestyle these past few years. I want to live like that. I want to be that.I think we all become a certain age where simplicity rears it's deep desire inside of us. We begin to wonder what it's all about. It's not the money. It's not the prestige. It's not the title or career. It's more about going to Church, paying our taxes, working and living clean lives. We no longer…

A Sick Kind Of Day

Everyday is a brand new day.
                                                                        everyday is a journey.

And if some things I do not ask,
In my cup of blessing be,
I would have my spirit filled the more
With grateful love to Thee,--
More careful,--not to serve Thee much,
But to please Thee perfectly.

I woke up yesterday with a sore throat and by the afternoon, I was sneezing and coughing, my nose totally stuffed up. It's been like 2007 since I had a cold. I just don't get sick. The minute I get any kind of symptoms, I nip it in the bud. So what happened here?

I have no idea. I take real, real good care of myself. I take my vitamins daily, every year I get a flu shot and I keep regular doctor appointments for preventive care. I also eat pretty healthy and get plenty of fruits and vegetables. At work, I wipe down all my equipment with wipes and I wash my hands before eating. I even keep…

Avocado Galore

Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                                            everyday is a journey.

But souls that of his own
goodbye partake
He loves as his own self
dear as his eye
they are to him
He'll never them forsake
when they shall die
then God himself shall die
they live, they live
in blest eternity
Henry More

There are two things in our household that we can never keep enough of: 1. Avocado 2. Tuna. I find that ironic, because when I was a young girl, I didn't like tuna fish salad at all. It seemed that every time we were low on money, we ended up eating tuna fish salad. Believe me, I didn't want to see it again.

That is no longer true. I've come to truly love both avocado and tuna, especially when combined together. We make this tuna stuffed avocado, but of course, made with sour cream. We don't use mayonnaise anymore. Emily doesn't like hers to b…

Just Share It- Anne Graham Lotz

Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                                everyday is a journey.

Only thy restless heart keep still,
And wait in cheerful hope; content
To take whate'er His gracious will,
His all-discerning love hath sent;
Nor doubt our inmost wants are known
To Him who chose us for His own.

Today's share it comes from a daily devotion that I read from Anne Graham Lotz. I couldn't help, but be touched by her father's passing. Who hasn't heard of the greatest preacher ever Billy Graham? Just recently, I've watched the Netflix special "The Crown" about Queen Elizabeth and there was an episode with Billy Graham. Even the Queen couldn't resist hearing him speak on forgiveness. The impact that he has made is one we all dream of making on others. Imagine the scene in Heaven when he sees all the people he had a part in bringing to Jesus. What kind of sce…

Just Share It Series

Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                           everyday is a journey.

My soul is sailing through the sea,
But the past is heavy and hindereth me.
The past hath crusted cumbrous shells
That hold the flesh of cold sea-mells
About my soul.
The huge waves wash, 
the high waves roll,
Each barnacle clingeth and worketh dole
And hindereth me from sailing. --Sidney Lanier.

I receive many e-mails from friends and family who like to share with me an encouraging poem, verse or story. Sometimes, it's a funny antidote or a serious topic worth sharing. The point is that people share things as a way to keep in touch or to educate or even to lighten the load of daily life. 

I appreciate all of these e-mails and thought to myself to share with all of you. This will be a series that I hope to continue as I keep receiving these e-mails. I do have some requirements, of course. 

1. Keep it clean. If not everyone can…

An Interesting Week

Everyday is a brand new day,everyday is a journey.

The little worries which we meet each day
  May lie as stumbling-blocks across our way,
  Or we may make them stepping-stones to be
    Of grace, O Lord, to Thee.

It's been a pretty exciting week around here. The first day, we awakened to frosty windows, snow on the rooftops. on cars and even some actually sticking to the ground. Snow in Springtime? With cloudy and darkened skies, it seems that Winter refuses to leave.

The second morning, our power went out. Somehow, the power line (post) was knocked down. Police and the electric company blocked our entrances and roads where the only way out was on a one way street. After a couple of hours, the electric company constructed a robotic structure to hold up our power lines until they can replace the post. Orange cones lined up around the perimeter of the robotic temporary post. Hope no one runs into it by mistake a…