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Throwback Thursday

                                          Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

The memory below has brought a smile to my face. I have many of them that were shared with these kids of mine. Somewhere along the way we made traditions. I will tell you a secret: I always hated kool-aid. That awful stuff would spill over onto the carpets and stain them . Never understood why the kids loved that stuff.

In the last couple of years, Emily and I have spent a quiet normal day on New Year's Eve. There are no frills, no bells or whistles and we are content with all of that. I have friends who are partying gala style at a banquet hall and others with a hot tub party in their backyard. It doesn't matter how we celebrate as long as we celebrate with the people we care and love. Happy New Year everyone!
ng In
When the children were small, they always wanted me to wake them up on New Year's Eve at the stroke of midnight to ring in the new year. I would prepare a pitcher of koo…

Saying Goodbye To Sorrow

Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey. 

I have been feeling sorry for myself these past two years. I really need to stop this whining. I need to step aside for a minute because obviously there is something inside of me that is festering. I just need to find out what that is.

I am a person who thrives on the busyness of life. For my body to do the opposite is shocking to me. My writing has suffered during this time and we all know I'm incomplete without a daily dosage from my pen. 

So I'm done with all of it. Done with the whining of why things have turned out the way they did. 

So I'm done with the wishing for things to go my way.

So I'm done feeling frustrated at myself for not accomplishing my daily routine, because of my bodies weariness.

So I'm done living in the past at work. 

So I'm done feeling inadequate because, I will never be the weight I was ten years ago. 

So I'm done looking for acceptance from people who don't deserve my friendship i…

Things I Love Now

                                         Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

I can honestly say that I like my life. In fact, if I'm really, really honest every stage I was in, I liked. Each stage appears to be better than the last, even the painful ones taught me something.

I love . . . . 
I love being a parent of adult children. I love the freedom that adult children provide. I have more time for myself and for the things I love to do. I cannot express in total words the feelings when your children take you out to dinner and pay. You know they're grown and independent when suddenly they take the lead. There is a downside, I cannot solve any of their problems any longer. For that reason, I do feel more helpless as I watch them struggle through the fire. 

I love . . . . .
I love the wee hours of the morning, when the world seems to be asleep. I love watching the world come alive slowly with the rising sun. It is so peaceful and serene, almost angelic when the world…

Oh, Those City Lights

Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

I have no idea when it happened. It sort of grew on me without my knowing, taking over my heart, but suddenly the country life held so much appeal. Every time I have to leave, a piece of my heart cries out no!

I'm tired of living in the city. The traffic, the noise and the constant anger issues that people in the city seem to yell out when driving. Never has a small little village or suburb looked more appealing than now.

I'm just plain tired. It seems the older I become, the less noise I like in my life. Noise comes in many different sizes and from different directions. I'm looking for peace and harmony, not more of noise.

I'm so tired of watching and hearing people being disrespectful to one another. It happens on the road. It happens in the stores. It happens in waiting lines. Why are we so mean to one another? The STOP signs in front of our apartment haven't helped much in us thinking differently. One day, there …

O Night Divine

Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.
O holy night the stars are brightly shining
It is the night of our dear Savior's birth
Long lay the world in sin and error pining
Till He appeared and the soul felt its worth A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices
For yonder breaks a new glorious morn
Fall on your knees
O hear the angels' voices
O night divine
O night when Christ was born
O night divine o night
O night divine A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices
For yonder breaks a new glorious morn
Fall on your knees
O hear the angels' voices
O night divine
O night when Christ was born
O night divine o night
O night divine Ooh yes it was
Ooh it is the night of our dear Savior's birth
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah
It was a holy holy holy, oh oh oh Today  we celebrate Our Savior's birth, a special day where we share with our friends and family a meal, our time and especially our love. I sincerely hope that every single one of you will find a moment today …

A Cozy Sanctuary

Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

O happy house I and happy servitude!
Where all alike one Master own;
Where daily duty, in Thy strength pursued,
Is never hard or toilsome known;
Where each one serves Thee, meek and lowly,
Whatever Thine appointment be,
Till common tasks seem great and holy,
When they are done as unto Thee.

Driving to work the other day, images of Tiny Homes, Rv's etc. flashed in my mind. In the midst of it all, a sudden thought occurred to me.

It doesn't matter where you live as long as it becomes a cozy, peaceful sanctuary where one can relax.

I think that explains it all. I may have been researching and dreaming about Tiny Living, but that doesn't mean I will end up doing the same. All I want is to be able to live peacefully, comfortably in an environment where materialism doesn't exist or matter. I want to live simply where I'm not a slave to bills. That could be in a studio apartment, an Rv or a Tiny House.

We …

Favorite Christmas Memories?

Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.
Favorite Christmas memories? Today I planned on reminiscing on some of my favorite family Christmas memories, but the way I feel right now, I can't even think of one.
I woke up much later than I planned. I've been putting in some late nights this week in lieu of the Holiday activities/errands/vacation. Hence, the late start. I dislike a start such as this one since it affects my attitude for the day. I feel rushed and unprepared for the remainder of the waking hours.
Nothing really went right all day long. I couldn't write since my mind kept drifting off thinking of my  family members who once again, were all over social media. The rain poured on and off with the wind howling and lightening roaring. The sky was overcast and the apartment seemed dark. That STOP sign in front of our building brought on many disgruntled drivers. One could hear horns blaring and obscenities f…

The Soup Lady

                                         Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

I love soup! I think I could live on just soup, bread and potatoes. In my dream world (lol). Since Emily is such a great cook, people often tease me wondering what will I be eating after she leaves me.Well, I can be honest that anything quick and easy and microwavable will be my favorite thing, basically soup.

Soup is more than just a stable to me. It represents my childhood with my mother  where soup was a regular attender at our dinner table. She makes the best cream soups I've ever tasted . . . . hearty, full of flavor and piping hot!

It was soup that brought me back to life eight years ago when my weight dropped around to a hundred pounds. The chemotherapy plus all the medication I was on affected my taste buds. Nothing tasted good to me. My mother would make a fresh pot of soup for me every single day to lure my appetite back to normalcy. I would sip small shots of soup every few hours. …

Simply A Tiny Clutter

                                         Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

I have to be honest with you. While watching the YouTube videos of various Tiny Homes, I have come to the conclusion that many of them have too much stuff. In other words, too much clutter.

I know that storage is a huge factor, but in a small space one has to be careful not to over embellish things such as pictures on walls, curtains and knickknacks. I, for one, have no desire for clutter looking rooms. Each is own, I know.

After watching so many videos of various models, I've decided that storage with doors looks so much better, fine lines and all. Plus, built ins instead of actual furniture pieces. The only pieces of furniture I would want in a Tiny Home would be chairs and even those would fold.

Here are some simple ways to enlarge a small space.
More:8 Clever ways to fake extra square footage in a small home

So keeping all that in mind, I've decided to pare down as much as possible.Ther…

A Pastoring Family

Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

Every Sunday morning it's the same routine. Our bodies awaken naturally without the use of an alarm clock around 7 a.m. in the morning. Believe me, we want to turn over and sleep on, but we don't. We rise, get dressed and go to Church. For some of us, Sunday also means serving. 

Why? Because our hearts yearn for more that only Jesus can fill. We need to be fed, we need to be forgiven and we need to be recharged to begin anew on Monday. Of course, we would love to sleep in and lounge around in our pajamas all day doing nothing. Who wouldn't?

It's times like these that I think of my son and his growing family. Their Sunday begins even earlier (more like 5am) since my son is an Associate Pastor. There is a breakfast gathering, two services, children's church, sunday school and a bible study every single week. By the time the afternoon rolls around, they need a nap. Plus, they both have regular careers during the week. 


4 Down, 2 More To Go

                                            Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

Four down and 2 more to go. I keep counting down my time as the backup every night as I walk out the door at work. During these past two years, I have come to totally dislike doing this position, almost dreading it. This time around there is something different. The situation hasn't changed. In fact, everything is just the same except me. My attitude has changed and I can almost feel the letting go of the dread and disappointment I've been feeling these past two years.

When my regular shift was eliminated two years ago and my position changed, I gladly accepted what was coming, actually looking forward to the future. My expectations were great, but I have to say, I have been disappointed. I had images of renewing some of these relationships with my co-workers that I once shared in the first years at work. It is true of the saying that we can never go back, it's just not the same.�…

Where Is The Joy?

Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

Here we are a week and half away from Christmas and yet, one wouldn't know that just by what is in our hearts. . . or at least in mine. 

What has happened to Christmas in my life? There doesn't seem to be any time to ponder what Christmas means  this time around. There barely is enough time to do all of our shopping and preparation for the big dinner. Everything seems to be more of a checklist than an enjoyment.

 The older I get, the more I yearn for the simple things in life, especially during this Holiday Season. How I would love to have an ordinary, basic Christmas where the focus was on family time (playing games), on Jesus Birth and the only gifts were the ones we made ourselves. Why can't we have a Christmas like that?

There is always someone in the family who wants to make the Holiday about the children and their gifts. We make such a huge deal about providing bigger and better…

Hanging And Banging Pt.2

                                         Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey. 

It's been two months since we all saw one another. Two months since we gathered in my little apartment and shared the details of our lives. Who knew we would laugh so hard enjoying each other? Who knew we missed each other so very much?

My tiny living room overflowed with smiling and friendly faces as every seat and chair in this apartment housed a body. Somehow we found room for jewelry making in one corner, crocheting in another and some lighthearted exchangewhere possible. 

A three hour monthly gathering quickly turned into five. A group of women, one man and a small child, all in one room. 

I learned a valuable lesson today. I 'm sitting here thinking of the entire day and how much we all have come to depend on one another. I've realized how much we all need to meet, to gather so we can forget even for a moment our struggles and just laugh. 

Friends are important, it's difficul…

What Once Was, Isn't

                                        Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

We would fill the hours with the sweetest things,
If we had but a day:
We should drink alone at the purest springs,
In our upward way:
We should guide our wayward or wearied will,
By the clearest light:
We should keep our eyes on the heavenly hills,
If they lay in sight:
We should be from our clamorous selves set free,
To work and pray:
And be what the Father would have us to be,
If we had but a day. --Margaret E. Sangster.

I barely slept last night thinking about today. Here I am once again, going backwards filling in for a week doing something I once loved to do. Once, but no longer. 

I used to love my old position, barely taking any time off. My workdays will be overflowing with busyness and the time would fly by quickly in a blink of an eye.

What happened? Once in a while, I have to go back and be a backup for someone while they're on vacation. Lord, I hate it, just hate it. If I could get out of it I …

A Whole New Look

Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

I've been exploring other blogs just trying to see how I can improve as a blogger. I consider myself an amateur writer, so I need a lot of guidance and expertise in this area. I have no experience to speak of as many of the writers out there.

Also, I want to update the entire look of the blog. I'm not a techno person, either. Another reason that I should explore to see what is out there. With that in mind, keep looking to sometime in the near future you will see small changes here and there. 

Lately, I've been longing to change things in my life, not just on my blog. My wardrobe could use a different look since it has been years. The same goes for my hair and even  the layout  of the apartment. Nothing has been changed and suddenly I'm finding everything to be a bit boring. 

Change is very important, isn't it? It keeps us on our toes always striving forward towards improvement. I've been lagging behind in that d…

More Questions

Everyday is a brand new day, everyday
                                                  is a journey.

People are really curious and full of questions regarding my cancer. I often wondered why. At first, I thought because I have a woman's cancer (ovarian) and it is a silent killer that has no symptoms to distinguish it.Then I thought that maybe because of my appearance/attitude. I mean, I don't look like I have an illness.

1. How  are you doing emotionally regarding your cancer?
You know, I've been thinking about this all morning. I've come so far, it's been 8 years now, that I don't even think about the cancer. It's become a part of me, like an arm or a leg. When I'm out of remission, I'm not screaming I have cancer!!!!! It's more like Oh, I have a cold. I don't allow it to take over my whole being. I mean, it's my 4th re-occurrence.

I believe it's all about acceptance and quality of lif…

The Missing Stovetop

                                         Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.
 It was the last day of my Thanksgiving vacation, Emily and I sat down to supper of vegetable barley soup. Out of nowhere, the carbon monoxide alarm goes off. I wasn't very concerned at first, since I happen to know we have to press the reset button in case it is just a false alarm. 

Did just that and sat down to my vegetable barley soup once again. After a few minutes, it goes off again. This time, I was concerned and decided to call the fire department to come out and check. 

Bundling up, we go outside to wait, Emily taking Diamond into our car so she isn't scared of the sirens. First, let me tell you that the firemen  are in great physical shape no matter what age group they fall in just like the two that showed up.

The alarm stopped going off, so they were very perplexed as to what was going on. Their readings were picking up carbon monoxide, not enough to make us sick, but enough to s…

Looking For The Sunshine

Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

It has certainly been a very interesting weekend, unerringly quiet. Since all the construction in our little village, this came as quite a pleasant surprise. We needed the silence. I have been enduring an ear infection since Friday so the perfect silence around me helped with the headaches. 

This morning, I awakened to more cloudiness and the busy hubbub of road construction. I'm growing weary of both. I'm beginning to think that this Winter will truly be dismal for my attitude. 

I came across the following poem over the weekend and almost instantly I was reminded of the beautiful world that God created for us to enjoy. While the scene outside may be far from inviting, I can always close my eyes and envision the poem's contents. I certainly hope your day is brightened even though it is Monday.

God, Who Touchest Earth With Beauty “God, who touchest earth with beauty,
Make my heart anew;
With Thy Spirit re-create me,
Pure, and …

Gloomy Skies

                                                   Everyday is a brand new day,                                                    Everyday is a journey.
Your word is a lamp to my feet
            and a light to my path.
I have sworn an oath and confirmed it,
            to keep your righteous rules. Psalm 119:105-106
It's been a few years since coming to second shift. In doing so, I rarely see life in the afternoon or evening around my neighborhood. Even at work, the blinds are always  drawn so seeing outside in the world is truly rare.
This Thanksgiving weekend holiday, I was able to see and hear the daily routines  in our building.  First of all, there is a lot of slamming of the front doors, tantrums of small children and there is always someone doing laundry. Of course, with 8 units and around 8 children, it can become difficult not to make noise.
The outside looks very  gloomy with sunshine only in the mornings if we are lucky. By the time 2 o'clock comes, it begins to get dark. …

More Favorite "Simplies"

        Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

Here are more simple favorites.

1. Netflix
I rarely watch television anymore. What I do watch I can usually find on Netflix or PBS. In fact, I would love to cancel cable period and only use Netflix. If I was living alone, I wouldn't even have cable. Just about everything can be found on line now. Besides, there is the Library. One can also have the benefit of watching an old television program that is no longer on, episode after episode without interruption. Thinking of LOST here, where one can actually become lost in the story line.

2. Teas
Sigh, a very deep one. This has been a struggle for me. I have been raised on ordinary tea with lemon in a glass container not a cup. That's how I love to drink my tea. Since my illness, I have many well wishers who have purchased health teas with me in mind. They're disgusting, but I am so appreciative of people who have taken the time to think of my welfare.Please do not take thi…

Throwback Thursday


                                    Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

It's definitely that time of the year once again where we begin making plans for the new upcoming 2016. Where shall we go? What shall we be doing? Should we move? Should we begin a new career?

We ask these questions, because the end of one year marks an end of the past and a new beginning lies in front of us. For most of us, we are looking for a change, because we have had a difficult time of it and are hoping for something better.  We want to believe that it will be better. Without hope there is no future. That's how I feel about Jesus, He is my hope.

As this year comes to a close and a new one approaches, I have no goals whatsoever nor any plans. For once, I just want to wing it. That's huge for me since I've been a planner and a dreamer all of my life. I just want to enjoy whatever lies ahead and I sincerely hope I can deal with the bad as well as the good. That is my onl…