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A Day Of Family Traditions

Christmas Eve Dinner, Sweet Sixteen Birthday Brunch, New Years Eve Fondue Bash, Movie Marathons. Just a few family traditions during the holiday season. Every year we know to set aside time for these gatherings. Our holiday celebrations are basically set in stone. No matter which holiday it is, we don't need an invitation, we already know the time and place. That's what family traditions are all about.

Today my mind was on family and the  traditions we have held throughout the years. They have changed as they should with  the growing additions as well the times. My mind wandered off , but not to the past, but the future.

My children are adults now and soon the time will come for us to set new traditions as their families expand. I am really looking forward to that time. What will they keep? What will they change?  What new traditions will we add?

It is a pleasure to watch my son interact with Tim and Hannah, playing the same games or reading the same bedtime stories that I did w…

It's All In The Attitude

What random act of kindness can you do today that will demonstrate that your faith is real?

Enjoying my morning coffee this morning, my mind kept wandering to Sunday's sermon. The sermon was in the Book of Ephesians, living your life righteously at home, at work, in the waiting line, at the gas station etc. Living righteously involves every area of my life no matter where I am at. Is that what I have been doing?

Honestly, no. Not when it comes to work. Living righteously in a secular world is difficult enough, but living righteously in a secular work force is even worse. I've struggled for years with my work, because work is a place where politically correct people gather. Christians are not politically correct type. At least not me.

I really want my work life to succeed. The last thing I am looking for is failure. If I decide to make a change in careers, I definitely want that to be my choice, not the only way out. As a problem solver this situation has become a personal challen…

Monday Cookies

Spending the morning with my mom, we sat around reminiscing about the Christmas family gathering on who was there and what was said. It was one of those rare mornings with no interruptions, only quiet as we sat on the couch sipping coffee.

"Did Emily bake anything good at home ?"

This Holiday Season Emily baked so many cookies that it's probably the last thing on her mind right now. She made cookies for a bake sale at work. Then there was the Ministry's cookies for the homeless and baking for her Church for their Christmas Service.

I often wonder why we are so fascinated with cookies in the first place. Whenever there is an occasion where we are to bring a dessert or a small gift, it's always primarily cookies. What is it about them that is so appealing?

Well, I think it's because they are so easy to make and very accessible. If you're not baking them yourself, just go to your closest grocery store or even gas station. There are many varieties of cookies to c…

A Tough Break

So I close in saying that I may have had a tough break, but I have an awful lot to live for.
Lou Gehrig

Staring at the blank screen of my computer, I wondered what the heck did I do now? I am a total idiot when it comes to technology and now I've done it again. I've messed up my computer big time. I have no idea what I have done, but it makes no difference, it's broken.

All my files are empty and that literary project I was working on? Well, half of it is gone! I can't even access anything. All that work for nothing.

Feeling totally defeated, I sat down and resisted an urge to cry. Why was I so stupid? I'm so tired of battling this life on my own. It's moments like these that I wish I was married. I would gladly hand over these problems to the other half.

Unfortunately, life isn't like that. We can't just sit there and do nothing. Getting up, I was determined to do something to make it better.

Having a computer with access to the internet is a must for me. I …

A Rebirth

A new and glorious morn
Fall on your knees
O hear the angel voices
O night divine
O night when Christ was born
O night divine
O night, o night divine

Last night, I had one of the most special Christmas Eve's in a long time. It began the same way that it has for years now. My children came in from Springfield. We had dinner with the family by Tom and Kathy's house.We opened gifts and had a blast doing White Elephant. 

Nothing different. The same thing we have been doing for years. So what was different?

There was an advertisement in one of the local church's bulletin of a Christmas Eve Candlelight service. I have been there at that church many times, so I felt quite comfortable and welcomed. I decided to go after the family dinner.

It was a simple service with no frills and I was glad for it. We worshiped with song after song. The Pastor spoke of the Three Wise Men, Herald, and a baby Jesus in a manger. 

A new and glorious morn
Fall on your knees
O hear the angel voices
O night divine
O n…

Tilling The Garden

Few of us would want such a garden, but how many of us have allowed a root of bitterness to spring up within us? How many have a little toxic garden in our hearts? 
David Jeremiah

Yes , how many of us have that little toxic garden in our hearts? I believe we all have experienced that little hobby some time in our life. I know I have. I'm experiencing it now.

I've spent this past year watering and fertilizing a garden such as this one , but no longer. I'm done with it. I'm digging it up completely and throwing it away like the trash it really has become.

These feelings that have taken root have really surprised me. I thought I was above all that. It just proves how imperfect we really are as individuals and how far from Christ-like.

Even though I have fought all the changes in my life this   year , I can understand why it needed to happen. It doesn't make it any easier to accept nor go through , but a necessity.

Letting go is not easy to do especially when one has no idea…

Bring The Weapon

The morning began as planned with an early wake up call. The only thing missing was my energy for the fast paced tempo I planned for the day ahead. I just wanted to  turn over and snuggle up under the covers. 

A deep sense of responsibility waved over me  right along with that familiar guilt. So many people depended on me , it was time for me to get up and get things done.

Regardless of my resistance in the beginning , I found I rather enjoyed my day. I saved quite a lot while grocery shopping and chatted with one of my Ministry ladies while dropping off supplies. As I did my  Christmas shopping , I ran into a work associate out with her family. 

I've hummed incessantly as I searched from store to store for what I thought was baking sugar , but turned out to be vanilla sugar instead. That poor stock boy must have checked every shelf in the back room , because some crazy woman insisted she just bought it here a few days ago. Continuing my humming , I patiently waited in line at the ca…

A Status Update

As busy as this month has been , it is turning out to be a good one . A perfect ending for a less desirable year. It's also been a month of good results.

My petscan turned out really well and I'm still in remission. My cancer is soundly asleep for now. My mammogram not only came out normal , but I didn't have to go back for a more thorough screening like in the past. It couldn't get any better health-wise. Although , all our dental had to be placed on hold until January due to the holidays and availability of appointments.

At work , I'm filling in for the month as a backup Area Lead , a job I held on third shift. It hasn't been bad at all , the only problem is leaving earlier than normal . My schedule was very tight before and now I basically have to get up extremely early if I want anything to get done before work . Many a nights I have been seen grocery shopping at midnight.

The weekends are no different . My ministry work seems to have exploded with donations q…

Journeying Along

Since I began this journey of mine years back , I never expected to end up where I am. Our life journeys take us to the out of our comfort zone areas where we least expected to be. The whole " never say never " mentality couldn't be more appropriate if we followed a map for our life. 

Take a look at me , for instance. I don't even recognize the old me anymore. I often wonder if I really did live that old life or did I just dream it. I'm so different not only in my appearance , but in my beliefs and in my character . 

Every couple of years a new stage with a new path appears whether I am ready for it or not. It's grand entrance is rarely  elegant by calmly and gently entering and blending beautifully into my life. Normally it's quite the opposite with more of a thrust and stumble effect  and knocking down other things in the process. 

That is simply life.

A new season lays unopened in front of me. I sense it , I anticipate  it and I'm ready to live it. 

I s…

Throwback Thursday

It's been a little while since I last posted a Throwback Thursday . Honestly , when I re-read some of them I'm surprised by what it contains . I wrote so many that I have lost track and it is like visiting an old friend when I post them all over again .
 My views on funerals or death really haven't changed much since this post . In fact , I haven't any specifications as to what my children will decide after my death except that I want to be cremated . 
I will be long gone and it won't matter to me . Funerals are not for the dead , but for the families . Enjoy and have a Blessed day everyone .
Dying      Dying
             ( Cease to be alive . Cease to EXIST or function . Fade away .)
    What a funny DEFINITION of death . We stop existing , functioning and we fade away . Poof ! Like we never been here . It makes it sound like we disappear and all our existence is erased .
    As you can see , I have been thinking alot about death . Not in a morbid sort of way .I'…

The Season Of Joy

We look forward to this time of year . In fact , from Fall to Winter , Emily and I enjoy what both Seasons represent overall and to us . We can safely say they are our all time favorite Seasons . 

Don't get us wrong , we don't care much for the cold or the craziness of Winter . Who likes to shovel snow and skid around on ice while     driving ? Not anyone we know . 

There is a comfort that comes with these two seasons like curling up with a cup of hot chocolate , reading a good book while the snow falls gently . Or a bowl of your favorite soup after coming in from the cold . Snuggling under a blanket on the couch with your pet and watching a good movie . For me , crocheting while watching murder mysteries . 

Even though it may sound picturesque , to us it is much , much more than that . 

We spend the Holidays at home from work , just relaxing around one another . If there are any unfinished projects or lists of things needed to be done , this is the time to accomplish our goals . 

Monday Funnies

Here we are again starting a new work week and already I'm dreading it . Since  I'm feeling sad and melancholy , my soul unwilling to go face the work world , the last thing I need to be doing is writing negatively  . Enough of that ! 

Here are some comic relief moments on such a dreary day as this . Laugh a little . Enjoy a little . Smile a little . Have a happy and blessed day everyone . 

A Beggar's Choice

A man said to a beggar one day, “Good day my friend.” The beggar answered, “Well, thank you, but I never have a bad one.” The man responded, “Well, may God give you a happy life, my friend.” And the beggar replied, “I thank God that I am never unhappy.” The man was speechless. And the beggar continued, “When I have plenty to eat, I thank God. When I am hungry, I thank God. If it is God’s will for me to endure this, then whatever is God’s will for me makes me happy.” He chose to be happy .
I wish I had the same mentality  as this beggar . I have certainly been trying to achieve that same level as him . The funny thing here is that he literally does have so much more to complain about than I , yet he doesn't . He is a much better soul than I . 

How do we achieve that kind of gratefulness even though we all have strife , struggles and trials in our lives ? 

We have a long time friend , Mike , who also has that beautiful characteristic of finding goodness in everything . If someone is …

A Still Day

I've been up very early , way before dawn decided to come out and open up this Saturday . I had an appointment for my mammogram at U.I.C. at 8:40 a.m. and I just wanted to get it over with as soon as possible .

I wanted to get home .

Home has always been my sanctuary from the outside world . No one can hurt me there unless I allow them entrance . It is a place where love exists and the comforting arms of the people that share in that love . 

I couldn't wait to get there . 

If only I could reside within these walls forever , I would no longer know hurt or pain . No tear would fall , nor a heart would break . No slanderous word would escape any lips that were aimed at me . 

I have dreamed of such a place . 

There is a place such as my heart longs for , a place that my Father has in readiness for my arrival . He is waiting there , His arms wide open to receive my aching soul . A place where I can bask in His love , not pain . 

Take me there . 

I have spent the remainder of the day in my …

The Lacking Problem

My first week back after Thanksgiving break  has been anything , but ideal . In fact , it's been quite challenging . 

I awoke Monday morning with a boil in the most uncomfortable of places . Having experienced this wonderful thing before , I groaned with disgust at what was ahead of me this week . Why couldn't this have happened on my vacation ? 

Boxes line our hallway , some filled with yarn , waiting to be put away or distributed among the ladies . Others are filled with goods ready for delivery . That blasted darn mountain of a television still waiting for someone to carry it to the trash . 

A growing list of errands : a visit to mom's , supplies to be purchased , a mammogram appointment , an oil change , the post office  . A blog that I haven't posted once this week , not even once . 

A crocheting meeting fast approaching and a literary project that I have no idea when I will finish . None of my crocheting has been coming out the way I wanted it to and I have unraveled…

A Monday Offering

At this time of the year , many people make a Christmas offering to a favorite charity of their choice . For many years , when I was younger , I did the same never really paying attention to what types of charities they were . I quickly learned that some of them don't really stand for what I stand . Feeling disappointed in myself for not knowing better , I stopped altogether in charity giving .

Since starting my Ministry , I've always felt that this was a much better way of giving for me . I didn't have to worry that my money was spent on things that were against my faith . There are always people in    need . 

Again , this past few months I voluntarily gave to a breast cancer foundation where later I found they use less than 20% of my donation to research . The rest goes to expenses . Hearing about things like this really upset me . Again , I have been duped  into believing that my money was making a difference . 

The same goes for ALS where the CEO makes an exuberant amount…

A Peaceful Sunday

I didn't feel like doing much today , especially since it was the last day of my vacation . Tomorrow would come soon enough and with it all the responsibilities that I dreaded . 

The entire vacation was spent writing and crocheting , my two loves . The difference here is the fact it was done in a leisurely fashion . There were no phone calls to answer or places that I needed to go . Complete peace . It was one of the most rewarding , wonderful times of my life . I will always cherish it and the fond memories that were made .

When I got up this morning , the last thing I wanted to do is work . I mean , it was my last day , why not spend it bumming around in my pajamas . Even ordered out for dinner and that is a rare thing for us .

In this quiet , I was able to think about the many things that have occurred this year . It wasn't a good year , more difficult than I've experienced in a while . So I thought about it , all the hurts , the forgiving I needed to do and had such a har…

Looking From The Outside In

I've always had compassion for people who were introverts , castaways , the black sheep of the world . The ones that were always picked last in any given game , the ones that never get invited to all the " cool " parties . The awkward , shy ones that are looking from the outside in  , wanting to just belong . 

Why ? Because I've always been that type of person who never quite fit in with everyone else . I've always formed my own opinions regarding people and situations , rarely being influenced by others . 

This fact carries both the positive and negative result . Sometimes , I wish I had listened to the stern warnings from friends , but I feel we all have that natural desire to learn from  our own mistakes . Plus , we don't want to be told what to do . 

Now that I have aged ( wink ) , things like that are beginning to matter less and less . That deep desire I've always held in my heart  to wanting to belong to a group is fast departing . Why the sudden chan…