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God Is Always There

It's been a very trying day . As I have posted on my Facebook page , my daughter-in-law's nephew was having open heart surgery today . He is no more than three days old and weighing in at 5 lbs . As I have stared at his picture I couldn't help , but be amazed at the strong features portrayed on his face . He is truly a beautiful handiwork from God . I have never seen a child that I didn't consider beautiful .
 My heart goes out to his grandparents , my Aubrey and especially for his mother . This is her first child and my heart aches for her pain , but I know that God is there with them .

God Is Always There  By: Clay Harrison
God meets us on the mountaintop and in the valleys too he's there when you call his name watching over you he hangs his rainbow in the sky and lights the stars at night he's there in your darkest hour and in the morning light he's there when the snowflakes fall when tulips bloom in spring he taught the eagle how to fly the bluebird how to sing he'…

A Lifestyle Of Obedience

We punish our children when they don't listen or follow orders and yet , we as adults , struggle with obedience . I believe that disobedience keeps us from going to the next level in our spirituality . The Bible is all about obedience and people failing miserably .

We just don't want to be told what to do . Why is that ? Why do we have a problem with authority ? Maybe , because we have spent our childhood having to listen that when we become adults , we want to live by our rules . 

No on will ever tell us what to do again . Rebellion . 

Rebellion can run rapid in our life . I feel rebellious . I feel restless . 

There are only five days left until I start my new shift and position . In  my mind , I've already have left and reside there . The job I am doing now doesn't matter  and I'm not even paying attention to what I need to do . I am done .

It's not easy for me to admit it . Here I am writing about obedience  and I have no desire to follow the orders of my curren…

Simply Micro Habit

Everyday , my e-mail account receives a bombardment of subscriptions to various newsletters , articles  and such . I'm always striving to improve my knowledge and what better way than keeping my mind open to what is out there . 

As I have made a commitment to living a healthy , spiritual and peaceful life , I'm constantly on the lookout for anything to enhance these qualities . Now , I haven't really tried any of these things and any feedback from all of you would be appreciated , but it is good to try new things for the betterment of our well being . Please let me know if any of this actually works . 

1. Drink a glass of warm water with lemon every morning to help with digestion and cleansing . 
2.Here is my video on how to make Homemade Protein Bars ==>
3 . The following is a daily ritual of a nutritionist :
The first thing I do is drink 1/2 liter water, because your body is dehydrated during the night and needs to be replenished.…

Inspirational Thoughts

The surest way to keep from feeling left out is to let people in.

Easier said then done , especially if one has been hurt by them . Learning to trust and believe in people again is 
hard . Our first instinct , is a desire to do the opposite . We want to withdraw into our private shells and lick our wounds in despair . Pity party anyone ? 

I'm always amazed at the motivational speakers who come up with phrases such as the one above . They're never 
sad , or depressed ? Everything is always coming up roses in their life ? They can bounce back up to their feet instantly when things go wrong ? 

I just can't do that . I need to digest what happened and sort  out my feelings  before I can let go and move on . I need to feel . I need to allow the hurt to escape me through my
tears . 

Believe me , I am the first person to admit that I don't care for the wallowing type , but . . . . .  I do take a day or two in solitude to clear my mind and empty my heart . 

I wish life was as easy as

God's Boxes

For a short work week , it's been simply exhausting and packed with errands . I've spent majority of the time either picking up supplies or delivery yarn for my crocheting ministry . The result ? Going to bed late and getting up even later , doesn't leave much time for anything else . Read on , my friends for a quick reminder of the One who loves us regardless of who we are .

God's Boxes I have in my hands two boxes, Which God gave me to hold. He said, "Put all your sorrows in the black box, And all your joys in the gold." I heeded His words, and in the two boxes, Both my joys and sorrows I stored, But though the gold became heavier each day, The black was as light as before. With curiosity, I opened the black, I wanted to find out why, And I saw, in the base of the box, a hole, Which my sorrows had fallen out by. I showed the hole to God, and mused, "I wonder where my sorrows could be!" He smiled a gentle smile and said, "My child, they're all here with me…

Baby , It's Cold Out There

Baby , It's cold out there !

It's been many years since I felt such bone - chilling weather . Delivering yarn to one of my ladies this morning after work , brought on a series of shudders rippling through my body . I couldn't wait for her to open her door and she took a very long
 time . 

I can remember the winters of my younger years . The snow so deep , the sidewalks took on tunnel form  and children building fortes . There was so much ice that one could walk on snow mounds without a dent taking shape . Winters were long and hard with tons of snowfall and ice . 

We haven't had winters like that in recent years . They have been more rain and tepid weather with an occasional freeze and a few days of blizzard temperatures . They have been mild to say the
 least . 

I think that's why we find this one so hard to get through . We were not prepared , thinking it would be like before . I do know that I will appreciate Spring and the warmth from the sun's rays upon my 
face …

The Role Of A Lifetime

I never thought about being a mother . While my girlfriends were dreaming of getting married and having children , all I thought of was having a career . I became an Aunt at the age of sixteen and the girls were enough for me . 

I had huge plans for myself . I wanted a beautiful  and large apartment of my own . I wanted a job in the career world where I could wear suits and move up the corporate ladder . These were the dreams I had in High School , not of changing diapers . 

When motherhood arrived , I told myself he would be my only 
one . Little did I know , that his birth brought the role of my life and within five more years , another three were born . Ironically , for someone who never planned on having children , I was very 
fertile . 

I discovered to my surprise that I loved being a mom . In a way , my children and I both explored this world for the very first time together . Everything seemed new and exciting , even though I've seen it all before . Life seemed different , someh…

Simply Healthy Living

Our fruit bowl on the kitchen table .

A year ago , I started a series called " Simply " , based on my desire to live out my life as close to healthy , stress free and spiritual as I could . For Emily and myself , living simply has become a way of life . 

Walking through the grocery store the other day , we noticed how much our life has changed regarding food alone . Majority of our shopping is done in a fruit / vegetable market and when we have to venture out elsewhere , we barely use all the aisles . 

Emily has taken this on with much gusto , embracing all things homemade versus preservatives in canned goods . As long as we have the basics ( flour , eggs , milk , sour cream ) we can make anything ourselves from scratch . 

We do occasionally have unhealthy , fatty meals or snacks like everyone else . After all , we are human . The important fact here is to remember that it is just a snack or break from this lifestyle and not a perm…

Finding My Purpose

We spend majority of our life searching for our purpose , a reason why we are here . Some of us find it right away  and others take a lifetime . 
I , myself , have never given it much thought in the past . I met a man , set up house and raised a family figuring this was my calling . I wasn't happy , but I have made a choice and now had to deal with it . 
During that time  , I had four children , three boys and a  girl . Two of those boys died within three years of each other , one in crib death and the other spinal bifida . " We all have a cross to bear in life , this is your cross " , my grandmother said to  me . 
Not too long after that , my family broke up and I took my two children and left . Becoming a single mom wasn't something that I planned on all those years ago when I chose the wrong man . How old was I then ? Not even thirty .
In 2007 , I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and I barely made it through . Suddenly , my life took on a purpose . It took a tragedy ,…

Worship As A Lifestyle

Worship is God's invitation to us . Come as you are . 

I love worship time . To me , it's more than just singing away the time until the service message begins . It is a way to reconnect with God through praise  and an opportunity to share with Him a private conversation of your thoughts and feelings .

I could never understand how people can be late for Church
 service . They miss out on the most important part of the whole experience . It really can be such an intimate time where one can forget the existence of everyone else in the room . 

Worship and Praise can happen anywhere . It doesn't have to be in Church . I personally love to blast my radio or CD on my way to work . What a tremendous stress release to set the tone for the work night . It prepares and clears my mind so I can be in tiptop shape to handle any situation thrown my way .

The place where we Worship is not important . One can sit in a closet , a car or the early morning hours before the day begins . It's n…

Simply Java

When I was growing up , I watched my mom gulp down pots of coffee to keep her going from one job to the next . It was the 5-hour energy drink all  rolled up into a small cup . It performed magic ! It was only natural that I follow suit .

I loved coffee ! At that time , a cigarette and a cup set the tone for a perfect moment of relaxation . Most days , it served as breakfast and lunch , doubling as a great substitute for a diet . A travel mug was permanently attached to my hand .

It was about two years before my cancer that I quit smoking and suddenly coffee didn't taste the same . I went through a period of unbelievable loss , anxiously researching different brands to achieve that similar taste I so missed  to no avail . Coffee  wasn't the same anymore . 

When cancer struck , all my taste buds went out the window . Life became a whirlwind of change taking me completely unprepared for what was coming . From that point on , my beloved coffee has taken a back seat , never satisfying…

January 2014 Update

Life has  certainly been good these past few weeks . It seems my cancer is taking a nap , hopefully a very long one . I shall be going to my new shift during the first week of February . My sabbatical from Sunday School begins by the end of this month offering some rest . Plus , it's a new year . 

Yes , it's been a great start and things are looking up around here . There is something to a new beginning , stirring up the blood flow like a fountain of youth . I believe , another name for it is HOPE .

Life certainly is a valley of mountains that slope upwards and downwards . For every low , there will be a high sooner or later . I am almost positive that my cancer will return , but until then I plan on celebrating every high peak I can get . 

What are my hopes for this year ? I want to live my life as peacefully as I can , enjoying every minute and learning all that I can when things aren't as brightly lit . There will be road trips and gatherings , but there will be tears , to…

Taking Hold Of Faith

Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses. 
(1 Timothy 6:12)

This past Sunday , I preached to the children the story of Daniel and the Lions Den . That story deals with faith and Daniel had an abundance of faith . As I prepared for the lesson , I was reminded of my own faith and why I come to Church . 

When I made the decision to get baptized , I embraced the commitment wholeheartedly . I had a deep desire to live my life a certain way . . . . God's way . 

Since then , I have tried my best to live up to that faith 
commitment .  I fallen down many times , but always picked myself up . Each time , I have looked in the mirror and tried to see  the why behind that fall . To me , before I can make all the necessary changes , I need to see what brought about that need for change . 

I never want to fall completely away . I have seen too many fellow Christians who have lost thei…

The Shift

Sometimes we just need to move on no matter how difficult the change or that adjustment may be . Life goes on as we outgrow things , people and situations in our life . It can be painful , hurting us to our core , but change is necessary for us to grow spiritually .

We say we want a new beginning , but we don't want all the work that comes with it . It's just too much and really , we are not ready for it . Saying it and doing it are two separate things . 

I can see a pattern taking hold in my life for a need to better my relationships with God and with others . I want to take it to another level because I feel ready for it . It is time to let go of the old and get on with something new . 

But like with all things , change takes time and results take even longer . The waiting is always the hard part . 

I have been waiting patiently at work for this shift change to happen . For the last two months I have watched my fellow co-workers move on to their perspective shifts with a long he…

Bring It To The King

In my early years as a Christian , I couldn't wait for Sunday to come , especially after a trying week . I wanted to bring it to the King  and leave it with Him . 

I haven't felt like that in a long time . What happened for it to go missing ? Why have I allowed it to go on for so long ?

Conviction. The Holy Spirit will reveal the areas in which we've sinned and convict us of wrongdoing. Through Scripture, the Spirit shows us God's standard and what needs to change. Repentance begins with understanding where we have gone astray.( Charles Stanley )

It can happen so easily , filling your life with so many other things and placing your relationship with God in between the cracks . 

Contrition. The next step--grieving over our iniquity--is followed by confession to the Lord. Genuine sorrow arises from the knowledge that we've sinned against Him. In contrast, human unhappiness often comes from being caught misbehaving. Other times we are miserable because of where our choice…

A Circus Mask

I've always been a lone wolf . Although , I have many friends , I don't expose the intimate side of myself  . Very few of my friends ever really know me . What goes on the inside , stays on the inside , opting to show the clown instead . 

We all hide behind our masks , whatever those masks may be . Mine always has been the sarcastic , poking- fun -at -myself attitude mask that has represented a smiley face on the outside . Nothing deep there . . . or one would think . 

It is much easier and safer to keep people at a distance than to share oneself and allow them to hurt you . People have been hurting each other since Adam and Eve , why would it be different now ?

The funny thing is , we long for the company of others . We can be hurt , we can be disappointed , but we can also be loved  by those same people . The pull to belong is greater then the pull to be 
alone . For that reason , I feel we put up with a lot of things that may not be right for us . We fear of being alone . 


On A Sweeter Note

Going through some old files on my computer , I came across some pictures of cakes that Emily has made this past year . There were quite many different models that she worked on so hard . 

Cake decorating has never been her strong suit in Culinary School and she struggled greatly . It was during that time I was diagnosed with cancer and in the Hospital . She basically went through her struggle alone as all the focus was on me . 

She never finished nor received her degree as a Pastry Chef , but she never stopped trying to improve herself . During this past year she'd practice all on her own . Here are some of her creations . 

Life is a constant struggle . Do we surrender when faced with trials or difficulties ? Do we stop living and throw our hands in the air with defeat ? No , we make cake !

Have a Blessed day everyone .

Who Is This ?

Who is this? Even the wind and the waves obey him!Mark 4:41
Since my journey with cancer has begun , I have been to places deep inside the crevices of my soul . One would imagine there was nowhere left to explore  , but if we believe in this vast universe created by God , we understand the knowledge that is there waiting for us to absorb . He is bigger than anything we could ever understand or know . 
Once we accept this as truth , we know our life is a never ending pool of wisdom and our bodies vessels of magnesium drawn to it . I want to learn . I have a thirst that cannot be quenched easily . Feed me with all there is to know so I can be better than ever before . 
During my first experience at a Christian concert ( Chris Tomlin , of course ) he had a speaker whose name I can't remember , but it was then that this thirst began . 
He showed pictures of the Galaxy , the beauty was beyond our  expectations . " This is God " , he said . Then he pointed to a star so tiny it loo…

The List

At the start of every New Year , there is so much talk of resolution and plans for what we are trying to achieve  and we never complete them . Why not just throw those Lists out and strive for one thing ? How about if we become Christ's People and live according to His will in His image . Enjoy the Link everyone .
Happy  New Year everyone !

A Renewed Passion

Your word I have treasured in my heart, 
That I may not sin against You. 
Blessed are You, O LORD; 
Teach me Your statutes. 
With my lips I have told of 
All the ordinances of Your mouth. 
I have rejoiced in the way of Your testimonies, 
As much as in all riches. 
I will meditate on Your precepts 
And regard Your ways. 
I shall delight in Your statutes; 
I shall not forget Your word. (Psalm 119:11–16)

Why do I feel such excitement about the new year ? Is it because it represents a new beginning ? A chance to do a 
" do over " from last year ? Or is it the promise of Hope ? An opportunity for dreams to come to reality ?

I feel relief .

 Just recently I made a decision to take a step back and evaluate what was missing from my soul . This feeling of disconnection from everyone and everything would not go away , instead kept getting louder . I knew I was slowly losing my spiritual self .

I needed to take a break , but from where ?

When you immerse yourself completely into everything you do with …

Welcome Is Thy Death

Since I view death differently now then when I was younger ,  I found the above tweet to be hilarious . Unfortunately , not many felt the same way . 
We see death as serious business . Death is ritualistic , full of pomp and has a sober air of reality . For some of us , death is an end , the final hoorah . For others , it's a fine line between heaven and  hell  and their salvation .

Before cancer , death would scare me to pieces . The thought of worms eating my flesh while in the ground gave me shudders . If I chose to cremate myself , I hoped they would wait until I was fully dead . 

Silly , isn't it ? It is the fear of the unknown that scares people . As a Christian , I know where I am going as long as I follow Christ's principles . That knowledge offers me comfort and ease so I no longer view death as something horrible . It is merely a transition to our Promised Land with Christ . . . . . our reward . 

What a comfort  for my children to know that we will be reunited in His …

Let The Fast Begin

We all have things we look forward to in our lives . One of my favorites happens to be the January Fast at our Church . I love to start the New Year cleansed , feeling fresh within my soul . Our Church does 21 days , but Emily and I do the entire month .

Why do we fast ? I believe we experience clarity and the fast heightens the intensity of whatever we are seeking . The question isn't why we are , but what we are fasting for ? 

Satisfaction is found in a life that reflects God’s priorities—and time with Him comes first. Reading His Word, we become mindful of the Father’s great love, learn what He views as important, and experience the joy of belonging to Him. When contentment is elusive, it’s time to examine our priorities.( Charles Stanley )

For some time now , I haven't felt as if my relationship with Jesus was a nurturing one . Something has been missing . Church used to be a place where I ran to every week so I could lay down my troubles . During Worship , I felt transformed…