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Throwback Thursday

One of my favorite stories of all times . It sure happens to be a funny one . All true , folks , none of it made up . It actually happened . It's been a long time since that day , yet it still provides a smile . Uncharted Waters    It's Monday and a scary week for me . Tomorrow ,  I'm starting a different chemo and I'm a little worried about the side effects it will have . Not to mention " my other problems " that keep resurfacing over and over again . Even my car is starting to act up again . It all is coming to a head this week .
   So since it is Monday , I want to change the whole attitude of this week and approach it in a light-hearted , funny way . Here is a story I wrote about a day Emily and I experienced at Schiller Woods . Hope this puts a smile on your face as you start your week .............

Hello everyone!
                      Today, Emily did the unbelievable!She took her cat Diamond to the woods for an adventure and for some exercise.Yes,it s…

A Desired Place

If there is one thing we detest , it's moving . Don't get me wrong , we don't mind the packing or unpacking , but the carrying of boxes up and down stairs is not our favorite thing .  For that reason alone , we like to settle down for a bit before moving on somewhere new . 

Though  the prospect is never far from our minds , we are very careful in choosing what we like , weighing the pros and cons . Usually that involves making a list of things we are looking for  and then we pray on it . 

We take this very seriously . Why not , choosing a place that can serve as our sanctuary from the outside world is serious business . You know how I feel about my little niche ! 

So what are we looking for ? Well  . . . . 

I want a small corner  somewhere , like a back porch , where I can keep all my crocheting things . Right now , my bedroom doesn't resemble a bedroom at all . I can't even remember the last time it even looked like one . The room is filled with boxes of yarn , boxes …

Throwback Thursday

Don't worry , I'm not crazy . I know it's only Tuesday , but once again , I have fallen back and ran out of time . The story of my life , folks . Since I had the following story already prepared for this Thursday , I will post it today . 
It's a gorgeous Fall day outside , so let's enjoy it and not stress out over being an underachiever . We have good days and we have bad days . Shake it off , shake it off . 
The only things that have changed on my top ten list are the reality shows . My favorites now are Love and HipHop , all Alaska shows and Mountain Men . Hey , we all have to live a little . My Top Ten List     Since this is my second bout with cancer ,  I have discovered that I have a routine , a repetition of  things that I only do when I have cancer . This just came to me yesterday in the waiting room . Funny , the things we think about when we have time . Here is my top ten list of things I only do when I have cancer.

10. I found that I have great patience whe…

Monday Moments

This is from a series we did on God Moments in our life . Where did the God Moments come from ? Well , from all of you . I hope there have been many more moments since then . Enjoy . 

God Moments
   Well , everyone , here are some God Moments . I hope you find them inspirational as much as I did .

Random Lake , Wisconsin
I had all 4 of my children in our old station wagon.    We were going to the library in Random Lake.   We had to cross a two lane, busy, highway.   I stopped at the proper place and then proceeded to cross the highway.   However, the car quit right there in the middle of the road.   I tried and tried to get it started.  It just clicked and clicked, but didn't fire up.   I looked to my right and saw a car coming in that same lane.   I tried again and still the car wouldn't start.   I just breathed a prayer "God help us".  When I looked again there was a policeman and he had poistioned himself in the right lane and turned on his emergency lights and th…

The Pressure Is On

Save me, O God, for the waters have come up to my neckPsalm 69:1
I just love the above verse . Don't we all feel like that at one point or another in our life ? I know I do, especially lately . 
Things have been pretty hectic around here with all these changes happening whether we want them to or not . 
Health Insurance enrollment
Dental and Doctor appointments
Sudden changes at work 
The crocheting ministry
Financial ups and downs
Car , car , car
A new place to live or not
A new job or not 
Literary Challenges 
The pressure is on to make decisions that maybe we are not ready to make . The last thing we want to do is make the wrong ones . Even minor decisions can affect everything in our life . We've made too many mistakes in the past to go lightly on these .
So we leave all the very important ones to the side , waiting for a sign from God whether it's time or not . The others ? We can only go step by step , day by day , hour by hour . The pressure is still there , but breathing deeply…

A Letter

The following is dedicated to all who are discovering they have cancer for the very first time . Hearing that dreadful " C " word can be the most frightening experience of one's life . I want you to know that cancer is not an end , but a beginning of a new journey . 

It would be understandable if I denounced my cancer with anger and hatred , but I can't . Too much good has emerged from the bad . How can I feel angry about this disease when I am surrounded by all the fruits that have blossomed from it ? 

I am loved like I've never been loved before by people that I thought didn't care for me any longer . My relationships with others are more meaningful , caring and lasting . I matter to them , because we are not afraid to show our love for one another . All past hurts and disagreements are tossed aside like they never existed . 

Going through cancer changed everything . Even though there were many bad moments and I know there will be more of them in the        fu…

Simply Frustrated

Have you noticed how quickly things can go from bad to worse  ? It seems a domino effect takes place when we are faced with difficulties and suddenly it becomes a storm . 

It has been that kind of a week for me  . Okay , okay , a year , but let's talk about this week . I know you have heard all of this before , listening to all my gripes and whines , but who else would understand ? 

 I have been battling my internet connection . I have pulled my hair out this week trying to get it back , only to lose it again . I just don't understand why I'm having a problem in the first place . Totally frustrated , I ended up unplugging everything and putting it together again . Did it work ? No . Sat down on the floor , cried a bit and gave up , finally leaving the room . 

Walked back in minutes later  only to find it working . I thought I must be hallucinating . 

Traffic has plagued me all week  . No matter which road I take to work , I am surrounded by construction , construction and more…

Throwback Thursday

A car has always been a tranquil place for me . Strange , isn't it ? When the children were little , I would escape inside my car for a breather . I would turn on the music or just sit quietly , alone with my thoughts . Even now , after I park the vehicle , I find myself " resting " for a while , especially after a difficult day at work . 
As I drive to work each day , I listen to music to prepare myself mentally for the work day ahead . Music in itself can bring out emotions long hidden to the surface . I could be clapping along      happily , or crying my heart out in Praise to God or in lament regret in regards to my past . It all depends on the song . Word Of God Speak    I should have titled my blog  "Traffic ". I sure spent alot of time in it today . So restless in the car with my mind drifting  in reflection . Thinking of my life and all the things I should have done but didn't . The things I did and shouldn't have . The  mistakes I have made . We…

Rainy Cold Days

:REST: This promise appeals to everyone, regardless of culture, race, and historical moment. Who hasn’t known the despair of bone-weariness, when life’s responsibilities are too many and our resources too few? Even monotony wears down our everyday will, contributing to the numbing depletion of our strength. Yes, we want this God-given relief from life’s anxious toil, worry, and fear. Rest is a ripe promise for all of us.

It's October . The rain hasn't ceased all night and as I sip my morning coffee , I know it will be a drizzle kind of day . I don't want to go out there . 

Rainy days remind me to slow down and rest . They are perfect for curling up on the couch with a good book , a movie or just a crocheting hook . Rainy days are lazy days where our bodies respond to the natural acts of naps and rest and comfort food  . 

Who wants to go out ? Not I !

If we could only hibernate during these cold , rainy days ! Just shut the door and live within our own little …

Charity Monday

Charity begins at home . 

I never cared for that phrase . It always reminded me of selfishness and greed . As if the person making that remark  was  only thinking of themselves and their satisfaction . 

As a mother , I've placed myself last many times , opting to provide for my family first . The best fruits for them . Nothing unusual there . I believe the majority of people out there are doing the same . 

Charity begins at home . 

Taking another look at that phrase , I saw it in a completely different perspective . Instead of seeing the " me , me " factor , how about seeing the necessity that needs to be filled as a family . 

We do so much for other people at work , at our Church , for our friends . What about us ? Where does the charity begin with us ? 

I have neglected certain things in favor of others , prolonging the inevitable by procrastination and then because of shame . Shame at how far I've let things go . I have neglected  dental appointments , doctor appointmen…

Dear , Dear Friends

I haven't seen Linda for a few months now , nor Doug . Never far from my mind , these two have played a significant role in my journey with cancer . All three of us , went through treatment together , even though we each have a different illness . 

We have cried together , prayed together and supported each other through each of our trials  . They matter to me . 

Doug is still in treatment and working , trying to maintain a normal lifestyle . It must be very difficult having a young family of five to support and yet , I have never seen a family more full of love  for one another . 

Linda , on the other hand , has not stopped treatment for a few years now . I cannot even imagine what that must be like having chemo every three weeks for years . She looks very tired and my heart goes out to her . 

I feel extremely lucky that I get a break once in a while . A break to eat normal and live normal . Linda is not that lucky . As soon as one part of her cancer goes in remission , it appears el…

A Blogger's Life

Every Christian should be reading one book -- the Bible -- and writing two. The first is a daily journal. Though not everyone finds this helpful, it's hard to object to keeping a small notebook (either literally or electronically) beside our Bibles so we can jot down the daily insights that come from our Bible study. 

The other book is an autobiography. Somewhere and somehow we should begin recording our testimony for those who will come after When we're dead and gone, our voices will no longer be heard on earth; but if we leave behind an account of our testimonies, we can minister to the next generation. Why not start your journal and a simple record of your life today?
David Jeremiah

Many times , Emily has asked me to write a series of " How To " manuals of useful information to pass on to her when she becomes a wife and mother . Each time I laugh that there is too much data to record in one lifetime . 

When I began this blog , who knew how much I would learn and heal …

Working Mother Of The Year

I have been bragging all week ! Shame on me , but it is quite an accomplishment to have one of my ladies in a National Magazine ( Working Mother ) for her work , both at Avon and at The Crocheting          Ministry . God is good all the time and when He leads , we shall follow .So proud of you Crystal. Congratulations !

Crystal Michel, Avon Products, Inc. email print share What We Love Nominated for: Volunteer Virtuoso Utility Packager; East Chicago, IN; mom of Eiyana, 10, and Patrick, 8

Throwback Thursday

Yes , I will always remember the year 2011 with fond memories . We had five Weddings that year ! My son , My niece , my Godson , a friend of the family's daughter and my girlfriend's son . 
That was the year that I discovered a GPS  and traveled  extensively to Wisconsin , Michigan , Indiana  and Springfield like a mad woman . It was all about Wedding Showers , Engagements and Weddings . I loved every minute of it . Out of the five , four are still married and sadly one of them divorced this past summer . 
Weddings bring out the sentimental inside of us , especially the women . Each Wedding was beautiful in their way and I wish them the very best , Blessed union . The next generation lives on and we have to hold on tight as we watch them struggle and rise on their road together . We have to continue to pray for these marriages as the road ahead will get rocky . 
Nostalgic   Back in March , my son got married and started a chain of events that propelled our family on the road of r…

It's Not Easy Being Green

First-century Jews disliked Samaritans, but their hostility was even stronger toward Gentiles. Jewish people would not enter the home of a Gentile (whom they considered “unclean dogs”), let alone share a meal with them. In the mind of most faithful Jews, God’s love was for Jews, not Gentiles.

It seems that hatred and racism has been around for a very 

long time . There's always someone not getting along with a neighbor , a co-worker , acquaintance or a family member . People have been judging others on whether they are acceptable to be around with or not for centuries . 

Imagine being a single young Christian  person in this secular world . A young person who believes in waiting until marriage to be intimate with their mate , who doesn't drink or smoke . A young person who wants to proceed into life as a Godly young man or woman . Imagine being laughed at for these beliefs .

I cannot imagine being young again , nor do I want to be . Our children have so much more junk they have to…

S For Simple

Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; life does not consist in an abundance of possessions.Luke 12:15
When I was a tween , I would pour over all types of magazines and circle everything I wanted in red . My baby brother would tease me constantly and mercilessly about it . Soon I had a huge collection that over-spilled into every available space in my room . My dad would go in and throw out the stash every so often and I would get angry at him . 
When we are young , we love to collect things , the more the better. From that point on , we spend our time  filling our homes and lives with beautiful treasures . As we age , the opposite happens and acquiring possessions  no longer hold that same appeal as they did in the past . At least not to me .
I still want to hold on to my treasures , but the space to be smaller . I don't need the big house anymore , nor do I want to spend my time cleaning  and maintaining a large abode . I'm all about comfy , cozy little niches …

Monday Scales

Every Monday at work , I get on the scale to see how much I weigh . There is a certain excited expectation that maybe today will be the day I will see a significant amount of weight loss . 

Usually , it is quite the opposite with nothing more than a trickle number going downward , one pound at a time . 

It is so disappointing , especially when one feels like they have lost quite a lot . Clothes seem to be looser , our body profiles slimmer ( less bumps ) and yet the scale says otherwise . Boo-hoo . 

Even though it is Monday today , I will not be weighing in . You see , I have indulged myself with my daughter's baked goodies all weekend and I already know I will not care for the numbers I will see . 

Why should I depress myself ? Isn't this motivational Monday ? Why should I bring myself down ,  when instead I can lift myself up and try again . Wouldn't that be better motivation for others ? 

I certainly think so . In fact , the more I think about it , the more I am convinced th…

Starved Rock

Growing up European , we ate and lived the lifestyle of the old            country . My children grew up on stuffed cabbage and pierogi dinners on a regular basis . For us , It's nothing new , we've been doing it for years and there is nothing wrong with it .  

While people flock to see different countries outside of America , Emily and I have been more interested in exploring the U.S. There is so much to see here , where does one begin ? 

I am happy to see a lot of families with the same idea . It seems that people have taken their families on more road trips now , than in the past . Nothing appeals to me more than jumping into an RV and just driving wherever the road leads us . 

Since my truck is quite old ( a '98 ) , we don't take too many road trips outside of Illinois in fear of breaking down completely . I need to preserve what few years I have with this old baby of mine .  So when I heard of Starved Rock , I was excited with the prospect of taking Emily there  righ…

Desiring To Be Mary

I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through me.
John 14:6

I don't know when the thirst began . A thirst for God . A need to be near Him once again . Yes again . It felt as if I lost that connection we had together somewhere along the road of volunteering , serving others . I became Martha desiring to be Mary . 

I yearned for that excitement I felt long go as a new baby Christian .  A relationship  where no one else existed , but You and I . Do you remember the way I would run to Church on Sunday morning just to unload my burdens at Your feet ? I could not wait to be fed  .

It is so easy to become emerged in the hype of service . We volunteer to be part of something other than ourselves  . We want to help , because it is our duty to do so as Christians . We sign up for everything involving our Church so we could be accepted by this community of believers  . So we could be counted as vital in our contribution  as a Body of Christ . Everyone wants to…

Year's End

If you feel the need for God in your life, that's exactly how you are supposed to feel. You were never intended to do life on your own. 

I'm really looking forward to the coming year . I feel as if I've been doing the ice bucket challenge every single day . Talk about shock treatment ! 

It certainly has been a very challenging year for me with so many changes happening . After sudden and unexpected pitfalls that sent me reeling off course , I had to make a few difficult and heart wrenching decisions . Decisions that cost me friendships , lack of sleep , frustrations and plenty of whining . 

Now that a majority of these reactions , due to the changes , have subsided , I feel good with the direction my life is taking .  I feel like I have come out of the struggle stronger and better . 

Reconnecting with God on a more personal level was a goal that I've been searching for through this change . Like many things in life , it takes time , because I don't believe in instant t…

Cancer Pet Peeves

There are things that I really detest  about cancer . Things that make me shudder at the thought of another treatment . If I had to choose a top six list of pet peeves regarding my cancer , what would they be ? 

1. Hair loss
I don't care how many times I may have a re-occurrence , but when I lose my hair it is one of the most traumatic experiences  I go through . There is something so victim-like about the whole appearance of it . People automatically feel sorry for you , because they can tell you are sick with some type of cancer . 

I'm not saying it's a bad thing , but you  want to look as normal  as possible . You want to look pretty and feminine . There's nothing wrong with that feeling . It's very natural . We as women , are so concerned with appearance , even during our worst times . Cancer changes our appearance so much , is it wrong to want to look appealing ? 

2. Lack of taste in food 
I enjoy food , it's as simple as that . Not only do I experience metal m…