Tuesday, July 30, 2019

A Pretty Good Day

                                                Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

When thou hast thanked thy God
For every blessing sent,
What time will then remain
For murmurs or lament?

I had a very energetic morning, everything moving the way it should. This was a welcomed change from the last several days where my body felt completely and utterly exhausted. Not too sure what is really bringing on this fatigue, but I do know we can analyze things way too much if not careful.

Otherwise, things have been moving along nicely this week. Monday I had a very important appointment to file paperwork that needed to be done. Again, I barely slept as anxiety crept in. Silly, I know. The entire thing took about twenty minutes and I went away extremely happy.  I have to do absolutely nothing with this for the rest of the year. I did say that I was happy, didn't I?
Funny how worked up we can become over nothing.

Also, I made two afghans for two very special people. One was for a gentleman in hospice and the other a young mom who relapsed with her addiction. Both were very heartbreaking to make for as each dealt with a loss, pain and sorrow. There is real pain in the world, folks, real pain. People are suffering deeply in need of love and comfort.

I will tell you that each of them had a huge smile on their faces when they saw their afghans. It never ceases to amaze me how something so insignificant as a simple blanket can bring comfort to someone in need. I didn't think that either of the two afghans were anything special, yet to them, it was everything. One of the relatives actually sent me an e-mail saying how comforted she felt knowing that God cared enough to have someone make one for her brother. After something like that, why would I stop making them?

So, it's only Tuesday, but I feel pretty darn good inside. My fatigue may still be around, but it was worth it.

Have a blessed day everyone. 

Monday, July 29, 2019

A Regular Pity Party

                                                    Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey

Unite, my roving thoughts, unite
In silence soft and sweet;
And thou, my soul, sit gently down
At thy great Sovereign's feet.

Last week was actually a very stressful and tiring week. It's been a long time since I came home with the soles of my feet burning. I've also been experiencing fatigue. Fatigue is something new to me even though I have had cancer four times, because it has been only evident after this last bout. When fatigue overcomes your body, it feels like a semi slammed into you. You're depleted of all energy and all you want is to lie down. 

Friday was a particularly exhausting day and I have no idea how I made it through work. I dragged my sore feet home and upon walking into the chaos in my bedroom, I had a major meltdown. Whenever I am tired, I become very crabby and sensitive. Upon seeing the still messy and unfinished room, I became mad as a hatter. 

This should have been done a long time. I have been trying to get hold of some young people who would come over and take my huge bed away. I also needed him to drill in some curtain rods in three of the rooms. No one has been answering the phone nor the texts. They simply disappeared for whatever reason. I gave up and put the room back to order with the help of Emily. She did all the heavy lifting, thank goodness. 

Unfortunately, my fatigue is still with me. I certainly hope that this week is much better and I have absolutely no plans for doing anything except for going in to work. That is all. I don't have the stamina that I had before my cancer. That person is gone for good. Something things don't quite go the way we planned, but that's okay. Eventually, I will get rid of that darn bed and get a platform one. it will happen, just not this time. All in good time. I will be patient and persevere. 

On a funny note: I drove around for over 24 hours with a bag of garbage in my backseat. I simply forgot to stop at the dumpster on my way out. I went everywhere with that stinky garbage and didn't realize it until the very next morning. Yup, that really happened. 

Have a blessed day everyone. 

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Redefining My Work Space

                                                     Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey. 

He who intermits
The appointed task and duties of the day
Untunes full oft the pleasures of the day;
Checking the finer spirits that refuse
To flow, when purposes are lightly changed.

I have been working towards improving my quality of life ever since this cancer journey began. It has set a theme in motion that I have envisioned for myself. I say myself, because my children will have their mates and in the end, I will be alone. That is the way of things.

Still, I am not completely there. I can see it in my head of how I want to live out my remaining years. I would love to spend those years doing Ministry work full time. That is still a few years away and in the meantime, I want to improve my work space so it can work even better for what it is intended for. I want to change it up!

First thing I needed to consider is painting the room. It was this mustard yellow color and it has been fine. Since it has been going on three years since we moved here, small scuff marks have been showing up here and there. Besides, on my vlogs the mustard yellow appeared jaundice like and not very appealing. 

It was my girlfriend that suggested I choose a more peaceful color so I could be inspired to write and crochet. I ended up choosing the color Pacific Blue and it certainly has brightened things up drastically. I just love, love how it all came out. 

I also moved the furniture around a bit and was hoping to get rid of my bulky bed for a a more simpler style. Again. my girlfriend suggested a platform bed that is higher off the ground and all my yarn storage bins would slide underneath out of sight. Easy access if I needed to take them out. That did not happen. The reason why I will mention in another post down the road. I am happy with how it is looking. I still need to put up some curtains to make it cozy, but otherwise I'm good. It's funny, one needs to live in chaos once in a while so one could appreciate what one has. 

Have a blessed day everyone. 

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Not In A Good Mood.

                                                               Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                                  everyday is a journey

That low man seeks a little thing to do,
Sees it and does it:
This high man, with a great thing to pursue,
Dies ere he knows it.
That low man goes on adding one to one,
His hundred's soon hit:
This high man, aiming at a million,
Misses an unit.
That, has the world here—should he need the next,
Let the world mind him!
This, throws himself on God, and unperplexed
Seeking shall find him.
—Robert Browning.

Today I was reminded of how different our world has become. We can nowadays, voice our views whether political, religious or personal on any social media with just a click of a button. We have become very careless as a people with the written word. We seem to feel that we can post anything we want without any consequence to anyone else. We feel we have the right to do so. In fact, many of us accuse others of being judgmental when actually the accuser has become more judgmental than the person they are speaking of. 

So what else is knew, right? Yes, but I am so tired of it. I cannot even enjoy social media anymore. I hate to think of how bad it will get when elections come around. Here we go again. Name calling, accusations, criticism etc. You know what I mean? Why can't people stop and think that maybe there are people in their lives who may be offended? 

I'm especially offended when it comes to my being a Christian. We are not the only group that has opinions that differ from others. We are not the only ones when it comes to Faith. What about the Muslim? What about the Jew? Is it really about religion or is it that your best friends are Muslim and you don't want to attack them?

I have family and friends who hold views that are so out there from mine, but I respect their right to believe them. Yet, I am not given the same respect. I have not and I mean not, forced my views on any of them. I believe that God gave us free will to choose Him or not. If it's not, fine, move on. Yet, these same people who claim they don't believe in Him, spend all their waking moments talking against Him. If He doesn't exist, why even bother? What do you have to be worried about? Move on. 

I know I sound harsh. I know that I am not in a good mood prior to reading their posts, but I've had it. Done. This is why I cannot scroll on social media. People who accuse us of hating actually are hating us. Go figure.

Have a blessed day everyone. 

Friday, July 26, 2019

Clearing The Cobwebs

                                                      Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey

Be still, my soul! Thy God doth undertake
To guide the future, as He has the past:
Thy hope, thy confidence, let nothing shake,
All now mysterious shall be bright at last.

I have begun two series almost a full year ago that I have not finished. I may have posted one or two blogs from each, but haven't completed the series. There are reasons why I thought of them in the first place and I think it's time to basically clear them out.

1. Generation to generation.
A look to our past to acknowledge, accept and improve on our recurring mistakes in order for us to better the family unit and as individuals. Every family has these same patterns that are repeated over and over again. The question arises: What are the repeating factors from one generation to another? How can we prevent them from recurring in our grandchildren? In this series, I examined marriage, finances and cycles of patterns that spill over never overcoming the obstacles, just reliving them again in teh next generation. 

A Six Year Plan.
2. The plan began as research into my retirement. I wanted to be able to retire or be semi retired before social security. In order to do so, I would have to find a better living solution so I would not become a slave to the finances. I did not want the finances to dictate to me where or how I would live. Also, as my health situation with my cancer has come to the forefront, I quickly realized that my body is slowly deteriorating after each recurrence. Here I researched into all the options available for low cost living and tried to determine if any of them could possibly work for me. I already ruled one out, the Tiny house on wheels.

So let's get crackling and finish these pieces as soon as possible to make room for the next chapters of our lives. Things are always changing we should be ready to grasp what is coming whether it is good or the painful, because there is knowledge to be learned here. 

Have a blessed day everyone. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Just Share It: Harmony Dust

                                                  Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is journey.

The thoughts that in our hearts keep place,
Lord, make a holy, heavenly throng,
And steep in innocence and grace
The issue of each guarded tongue.

Today's post is a bit different from the rest, but I believe that there are things we just need to hear. In my years, I cannot tell you how many women I have come across who have been abused sexually in one form or another. It is a travesty that the state of womanhood can be so badly treated. Our role is so significant in this world and yet many of us are never shown respect. It pains me to see other women suffer. We are so much better than that and I wish all women would feel their self worth. You are beautiful. You are loved. You are worth it. Enjoy.

Facing The Pain
by Harmony Dust

I spent years hiding from the pain that sexual abuse and rape brought to my life.  Because I didn't deal with the pain, the pain had a way of dealing with me. It manifested in extraordinarily low self-esteem and made me vulnerable to dysfunctional relationships. Eventually, as my life unraveled, I found myself working in a strip club under the control of my abusive boyfriend/pimp.

Thanks to a friend who showed me God's unconditional love until I was compelled to experience it for myself, I fell in love with Jesus. I discovered the truths that I am loved, valued, and purposed. The more they took root in my heart, the more difficult it became to live in a way that contradicted them.

Empowered by these revelations, I walked away from stripping and the abusive relationship. Still, I didn't know if there was a place in my newfound faith for all of my pain. The people at church always seemed so happy. Surely, none of them had pasts like mine, I mistakenly thought.

One day, a friend divulged that she had been sexually abused. She was looking for a confidant but I found myself frozen and stiff, terrified of the memories that surfaced as she shared. Sexual abuse had been a taunting 'giant' in my life, leaving me paralyzed with fear.

I have learned that we cannot overcome what we do not face.

Jeremiah 6:14 says it another way, 'You cannot heal a wound by saying it's not there.'

Often, our misdirected efforts to cope with pain lead us into deeper places of despair. Attempts to escape pain can create unhealthy patterns such as overeating, alcohol or drug dependency, eating disorders, self-harm, or even binging on Netflix in an attempt to avoid reality.

After listening to my friend's story, I began a journey of facing my pain and exploring the impact abuse had on the trajectory of my life.

As I confronted my pain, I identified with the story of the Israelites in 1 Samuel 17. Like me, they were faced with a taunting giant and found themselves paralyzed with fear. Through the example of David, a young shepherd whose extraordinary faith in a faithful God gave him the courage to face the giant, I gained the courage to face the giants in my life. Like David, with God on my side, I overcame them.

We must face our pain to overcome it. With God, it is possible.

My story did not end within the pain. In 2003, while pursuing a Masters in Social Welfare from UCLA, I founded Treasures, an outreach and support group for women in the sex industry and victims of sex trafficking with a global impact. I have a beautiful daughter who is my life with laughter, and I'm married to an AMAZING man who supports the call of God on my life. Your story is not over! I am not saying it will be easy. I am saying it will be worth it. YOU are worth it!

Have a blessed day everyone. 

Monday, July 22, 2019

All About Fiber

                                                                Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                                  everyday is a journey.

Thus my soul before her God
    Lieth still, nor speaketh more,
  Conqueror thus o'er pain and wrong,
    That once smote her to the core;
  Like a silent ocean, bright
  With her God's great praise and light.

So let's talk about fiber. So how important is it? According to The Institute of Medicine, the average adult only eats 15 grams of fiber per day. Women need 25 grams of fiber per day, and men need 38 grams per day. You may think that it's a lot of fiber, but fiber can be found in a lot of foods. I, personally, eat plenty of fiber, probably more than I need. Fiber is not something my body lacks. In fact, if I'm not careful I can have a problem with too much.

So what does fiber do for the body? Fiber provides fuel to help build the levels of good bacteria in the large intestine meaning more vitamin B12 is produced and more fatty acids are available to protect the whole body. The fiber helps speed up the waste removable process in the body. Toxins do buildup throughout the day and fiber aids in it's removal from your body.

So what foods contain fiber? Here is a link to 43 different kinds of foods that contain fiber.
I actually have many, many of these in my pantry alone. Ever heard of spelt? Well, not only have I eaten some, but I stock it as well. One could say that we are on a high fiber diet.

Since I have no problem with fiber, that must mean that Emily does neither? Well, here's the funny thing. Emily actually can't get enough fiber in her body. So why are we so different and yet we eat the same things? The reason lies with the fact that I had radiation. This sensitivity of mine in regards to fiber occurred almost immediately after radiation treatment. Plus, I think because our bodies react differently with certain foods. My metabolism is different from hers and so is everyone else's, too.

Do I change anything in my diet since the completion of my research on fiber? Absolutely not! Things are working just fine and I definitely don't need to rock the boat. I still make all my dishes accordingly and just take smaller portions of the fiber. Emily, on the other hand  should increase hers. That's the whole point of discovering what works and what doesn't. It's all in the portions!

Have a blessed day everyone.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Just Share It: Jonathan Pitts

                                                     Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

He who God's will has borne and done,
    And his own restless longings stilled,
  What else he does, or has foregone,
    His mission he has well fulfilled.

Very rarely do I post a male author's article. It has more to do with the fact that my readers happen to be female rather than male. There are some exceptions, lol. The blog, in fact, deals with women's issues . . . mostly. Sort of sexist, I know. What caught my attention with this article had to do with his love for his wife. In this day and age, where marriage is something rarer rather than common, it's very encouraging to read the follow. At least, I think so and I hope you think so, too. Enjoy.

How to Live Poured Out for a Marriage That Fills You Up
“… but emptied himself, by taking the form of a servant, being born in the likeness of men. And being found in human form, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross.” Philippians 2:7-8 (ESV)
“It wasn’t perfect, but it was intentional.” Those are the words I spoke to my counselor after my wife, Wynter, suddenly passed away in my arms 15 years and one month after we made our marriage vows.
Her death was sudden. It was unexpected. And it was the last thing I was thinking about when I repeated back to the minister, “until death do us part.”
I knew that day would come, but I would never have imagined, nor would I have been able to comprehend, that it would arrive so soon. My daughters, ages 14, 11 and twin 9-year-olds, and I were left in a world of pain with a depth of loss that was unimaginable. They lost their wonderful mom. I lost my best friend.
The only thing that carries us daily is the grace of God manifested in different ways and through His people.
“It wasn’t perfect, but it was intentional” were words I uttered for a very specific reason. I was acknowledging the reality every married couple faces on a daily basis — imperfection. Wynter and I entered into our marriage with pretty glaring blemishes.
We were 23 years old when we married. We brought our past and all its layers of complication right in to our first apartment. The more time we spent together and the more we weighed our marriage against God’s Word, the more we realized things would have to change.
And that’s what I meant by the second half of that phrase — “we were intentional.” Our imperfections received season tickets into our new life together with free renewal every year, unless together we decided differently.
We weren’t na├»ve to think we could obtain perfection on our own, but we were both committed to pursuing what God had in mind when He created marriage in the first place. Oneness was our goal, and teamwork was our strategy.
I thank God now for the Holy Spirit’s strength to carry out those intentions, day by day, as His perfect grace covered our failures and honored our desires.
Intentionality looked different every day. Some days, it was me apologizing. Another day, it was Wynter telling me to go play a round of golf because she knew I needed the rest. Or I might tell her to go lie down while I cooked dinner or took the kids out to give her a few quiet hours. There were even days when she chose not to overreact to my grumpy and tired attitude, giving me grace to apologize before she brought it to my attention.
Among our most memorable moments were when we shared sushi on the couch for a TV binge session after the kids were in bed.
In every instance, it looked like deference. In every purposeful act, we chose to honor one another above ourselves, committing to lay down our own desires for our spouse’s needs. Often, it looked like giving up what we wanted for the good of each other. In our intentionality, we grew up together in Jesus and in friendship.

The day Wynter died will forever be stamped as a day of great paradox. Wynter passed from death to life around 7:45 p.m. that Tuesday evening, but in God’s great sovereignty, at 3:45 p.m. earlier that same day, I hit send on an e-mail to our publisher to approve the final, edited manuscript of the book that would document our marriage story. In it, we describe the only word that adequately explains the intentionality we sought in our marriage: emptied.
In Philippians 2:7, the Bible says Jesus “emptied himself, by taking the form of a servant.” With perfect intentionality, in His love, Jesus gave up everything for you and me, even to death. His intentional emptying of Himself resulted in our perfect filling. Because He died, we now live. Because He emptied Himself, you and I can now be filled with the Holy Spirit.
Imperfectly but consistently, Wynter and I attempted to model our Savior. We daily chose to empty ourselves for each other. We gave up what we thought we were owed to give the best of what we had to offer. In that consistent intentionality, our me became we.
I’m reminded that only God gets to decide when our “book” will end. I’m not sure how long your book is, but I encourage you to make it a good one. Remember each day that the next is not promised … and the one you have right now is the best one to experience the fullness of a poured-out marriage.

Have a blessed day everyone. 

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Day 100 Of Writing: The Final Day

                                                   Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

Faith that withstood the shocks of toil and time,
Hope that defied despair,
Patience that conquered care,
And loyalty whose courage was sublime;
Teaching us how to seek the highest goal,
To earn the true success;
To live to love, to bless,
And make death proud to take a royal soul.
—Louisa M. Alcott.

Well, I'm glad it's over! This was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I think that next year I will do something else like crocheting one hat a day for 100 days. No more writing. Besides, I think it was confusing for my readers and it wasn't a success that I thought it would be. A bit disappointing for me.

Anyway, it is over and we can move on to other things. Although, I have wondered how everyone else fared with this project. Did everyone finish? Did they post regularly? I've seen some on YouTube, but they seemed to stop posting after a couple of days. 

We are marking this important day with a trip to our Farmer's Market to purchase some delicious produce straight from the farm.Our heirloom tomatoes are ready for the picking. We love a good tomato sandwich! There is nothing more delicious than a garden tomato. You don't need to serve it with anything else, just a slice of bread or just plain with some salt.

Also ended up buying some new potatoes which we cook with the skin on, it's paper thin. Some crisp green beans sauteed with mushrooms. Yum, yum! I hope all of you are having a wonderful Saturday. Enjoy the garden goodness! 

Have a blessed day everyone. 

Friday, July 19, 2019

Day 99 Of Writing; Days Of Old

                                                  Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey. 

Prune thou thy words,
 the thoughts control
That o'er thee swell and throng;
They will condense within thy soul,
And change to purpose strong
.—John H. Newman.

The scene above is one of my favorites. It's actually a puzzle that mom and I did together. The farm scene reminds me of my Summer vacation on my maternal grandparent's farm in Poland when I was maybe 14 or 15 years of age. I had such a good time that I didn't pine for my family back in the States at all. I fed the chickens, the geese and even took the cows out to pasture every single day. For me, it was a time of discovery and I didn't want to leave the farm for anything. 

Many people have asked me why I never went back for another visit to my homeland. Well, the following Winter my grandfather passed away. My Uncle John and his family took over the farm along with grandma. I knew even then that the memories I held so dear to my heart were very special. I could never relive those moments again physically, only in my mind.

We all have memories like these that we just cannot let go of no matter what happens in life. These are precious and sentimental. You're probably wondering why so emotional? Sometimes we just are for no apparent reason.

The temperatures have soared well into 100, feeling more like 106. At least for today. We both stayed home and we both took a much needed nap. No guilt. No regrets. Now, I'm kicking back and reliving some good memories. Honestly, that's all we did today and we feel good about it. Sometimes we need to do just that . . . absolutely nothing. Just dream.

Have a blessed day everyone. 

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Day 98 Of Writing: Food And Your Body

                                                Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey

Give me within the work which calls to-day,
To see Thy finger gently beckoning on;
So struggle grows to freedom, work to play,
And toils begun from Thee to Thee are done.

I'm beginning to believe that what we put into our bodies is very important. What we put in, that's what we get out. If we don't take care of our body, it will cease working for us. Ever since my cancer, I am so aware of every ache and pain, especially when it comes to certain foods. I see the difference in how my body reacts to these foods.

I also believe that what type of food we need depends on who we are on the inside and the outside. Others may require more fiber, but I have plenty intake daily.  I may need more protein instead. The problem lies with trying to figure out what that missing ingredient looks like for you individually.

So how do we do that? Well, we can take a blood test to determine what our body is lacking. We can also pay attention to what our body is saying. Do you have problems with your joints like I do? Then I need to eat foods that will aid in healthy bones. Do you battle fatigue? Cancer? Colon issues? The list depends on your ailments. This is what I am learning now. Or I should say, trying to determine the best meal plan for me. Being a Vegan or on a Keto diet may not work for everyone.

 It is especially hard when one visits family, restaurants or any social gatherings. Everyone prepares food in different ways. Some may use too much of one thing while others barely anything. Either way, certain foods affect me in a very unpleasant way. 

My next objective is to use natural whole foods to help provide my body with any nutritional benefits they may offer. Don't get me wrong, I believe in traditional medicines, I just don't want to be on any medication while in remission. If that means eating more of a certain food or avoiding a certain food, let's do it. The whole point is to be healthier so we can fight cancer when it comes back. Let's make our bodies stronger, not weaker. 

Have a blessed day everyone.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Day 97 Of Writing: Missing My Fruit

                                                              Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                               everyday is a journey.

Just to follow hour by hour
As He leadeth;
Just to draw the moment's power
As it needeth.

I love preparation. I am the sort of person that will check schedules, times and even what else may be in the area whenever I go on vacation. I am like that about everything. I love to know what lies ahead so I can be prepared for anything. That's why I am very surprised that I overlooked an area. In what? Well, I prepared the apartment for the heat wave, but I never thought of preparing by stocking the refrigerator.

The fridge is bare, folks. Not the pantry, that is fully stocked, but we need our fruits and vegetables. I need my fruits and vegetables.

It's funny how in our need we find things we would never have noticed before. I have been way too sloth like to do anything in this heat. Well, anything that involved leaving my air conditioned home. Our energy levels are very low right now. The last thing I wanted to do is to travel for groceries. Then I remembered a fruit market in the area just a few blocks away. Hmm, let me see what they have to offer. I was pleasantly surprised to find it equaled, if not even better, than my Jerry's Fruit Market. It was much bigger, had even more items, but the pricing not much different. I definitely will come back.

This whole experience made me very aware of how much my body needs good nutrition. My pantry may be stocked, but I need fresh produce on an everyday basis. I didn't prepare very well here, but that's how we learn. Plus, sometimes we avoid certain places, because we are so stuck on the one that we love so much. There is always another that is equal, maybe even better if we just open our mind to it. Don't judge until you actually check it out thoroughly.

So now my fridge has some goodies in it and that makes me so very happy. I can't wait to get home tonight and have a delicious snack.

Have a blessed day everyone.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Day 96 Of Writing: The Sawdust Diet Take Two

                                                               Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                                everyday is a journey.

Discouraged in the work of life, 
Disheartened by its load, 
Shamed by its failures or its fears, 
I sink beside the road;-- 
But let me only think of Thee, 
And then new heart springs up in me. 

Twelve years ago, I lay in the hospital weighing a mere 100 pounds trying to stay alive. I just finished watching the news, reporting that Tammy Faye Baker passed away from cancer weighing in at 65 pounds. Folks, I remember this so well. I became frightened, because I was at that time losing weight like crazy. I was afraid that if I didn't gain any weight soon, I would die just like Tammy Faye Baker.

Well, I prayed to God. I said to Him that if He let me gain some weight, I would never complain about my weight again. I gained 80 pounds in the next few months and then gained another 20 when the cancer came back the second time. Here we are twelve years later and I haven't stopped complaining ever since that initial weight gain.

Lord, I am a liar.

I have tried and tried to lose this doggone weight to no avail. I have given up soda, juice, fast food, fried food, processed food, cheese, now sweets, barely any pasta, chips, even my favorite bagel in the morning. I eat mostly vegetables, nothing out of a can and plenty of fish. I have exercised on and off through the years.  I have fasted, done cardio, got a gym membership and worked out for twenty minutes a day. Now every morning I do basic calisthenics and stretches. Oh yes, I eat plenty of fruit and drink lots of water.

I have lost nothing.

Then there is all the advice in the world. Go on walks everyday. Drink more water. Don't eat at night. Portioning is the key. Keep a food diary. Try the Keto diet. No, the Adkins works best. Weight Watchers helped the neighbor lose weight. There's Slimfast, Noom or maybe just plain drinking apple cider vinegar with your water.

Diet overload.

A few years back, I listened to Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson. He had this woman on who lost over 200 pounds. He asked her what her secret was to losing all that weight. She said that she gained weight, lost weight, over and over again until finally she came across the Sawdust Diet. All the foods that she ate had absolutely no flavor whatsoever, tasting like sawdust. She gave up everything, folks, everything. . . . forever.

That's what I have to do. I have to eat the Sawdust Diet. With my luck, all that sawdust might add on extra weight. I mean, it's so carb like isn't it?

Have a blessed day everyone.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Day 95 Of Writing: Swollen

                                                               Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                               everyday is a journey.

He never comes too late;
    He knoweth what is best;
  Vex not thyself in vain;
    Until He cometh, rest.
B. T.

Well, the hot and humid weather temperatures are here to stay. We are in full Summer swing. Our windows have stayed closed, blinds and curtains drawn all to keep the cool air in. All that matters now is staying cool.

My poor legs have been swollen all weekend long. They look like stumps with sausage toes. The air pressure in these humid temperatures affects them so. You might be thinking: you have to drink more water! If you have been following me for awhile you would know that I drink a 59 oz. bottle of water every single day. That's why it's in that huge bottle so I know how much more I need to drink. 

Next question: You need exercise! I exercise every morning. Maybe it's not cardio or kickboxing, but I do my basic calisthenics. Every Summer during the hottest days, this happens. It's the pressure in the air. I never realized this until my GP mentioned it to me. I always thought it was only the cold, but no. 

You may need water pills, because you are retaining water. Yes, that could be true. There are two problems with that. One, it only happens during the hot/humid temperatures like July and August. Two, I'm trying to avoid taking any kind of pills. Okay, three problems. Three, I feel like I am already drinking lots of water and this shouldn't be happening. Maybe I should drink even more?

Anyone else having this issue?

Have a blessed day everyone. 

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Day 94 Of Writing: Through The Years

                                                   Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

An illusion haunts us, 
that a long duration, 
as a year, a decade, 
a century, is valuable. 
But an old French sentence says,
"God works in moments." 
We ask for long life, 
but 'tis deep life or grand moments that signify. 
Let the measure of Time be spiritual, 
not mechanical. Life is unnecessarily long. 
Moments of insight,
 of fine personal relation, 
a smile, a glance—
what ample borrowers of eternity they are!
—Ralph Waldo Emerson

I spent several hours last evening watching Chasing The Moon on PBS. As you can guess, it was our race to the Moon from beginning and ending with the famous walk. This was nothing new to me. I remember learning all about it at school. Yet, I stopped everything I was doing and watched mesmerized by that first step. 

Afterwards, I couldn't help but think about all the moments in history I have witnessed during my time here on Earth, both good and bad. Life is very eventful and sometimes we are participants or just plain watchers in it. Life is definitely not boring.

It has also made me aware of how I am living my life. I'm always preaching living your life to the fullest and living it with a purpose. I am well aware of how short it can be and hope to keep it full to the brim. 

I really love going back and seeing history, almost reliving the moment again. By revisiting the past, sometimes we see things we haven't before or we see them in a different perspective. Nothing wrong with any of it.

Have a blessed day everyone. 

Yarn Bombing My Life

                            Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey. Some murmur if their sky is clear, And wholly bright ...