The Last Straw

                                          Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

 This week has been very stormy, providing the gentle breezes of Summer. This kind of weather is my favorite. The sun is out and shining, but a Summer storm can appear suddenly providing much needed relief with it's coolness. The windows can stay open as the curtains billow back and forth. This is my kind of Summer.

I sat here in front of my bedroom window taking in the storm that unfolded in front of me. There is nothing more I love than a good storm. If it's to rain, let it pour! None of this trickle here, trickle there stuff. Unleash it all.

Watching this storm, it brought to mind an unleashing of anger or garbage from within us that is unloaded into the world. I can sit here and feel the calm even though a lot is going on in my life, but it wasn't too long ago that I blew my top just a few days before my surgery. Why did I feel like that moment was the last straw that I couldn't bear? I don't feel like that now. Nothing has changed since that outburst. I still have the same problems that brought out that anger within me to unleash outward.

I wish I knew all these answers to my questions. We're so imperfect it's laughable to think we have it all together.  For instance, take the storm. To me that represents God and His power. He works us, bending and unleashing all the unwanted debris right out of us. It's not pretty, but just when we think we cannot handle anymore, the storm breaks and a beautiful rainbow appears. 

We may not like storms and the havoc they cause, but all I can think about is the beauty after it stops. The grass is greener than ever before and all the flowers stand tall. Vegetables grow to their fullest and fruits are sweet with their nectar. Most importantly, a storm provides water, the living water of life. We cannot live without that water.

Every time my mood slips, I try to remind myself of that very fact. Remember, we are imperfect and sinful people. Right now, I may be serene, but tomorrow everyone might see the hidden me. :)

Have a blessed day everyone.


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