Highlight Of The Week #17

                                         Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

For someone who is immobile, it's certainly have been an extremely busy two weeks. Recovery is tiring! I've had visitor after visitor spend time with me. Flowers, cards and messages. I am loved. We are loved. Isn't that a wonderful feeling to have?

I've had a pretty busy morning/ afternoon. Another set of well-wishers stopped by. Since I felt so energetic, I thought why not make some calls, especially to check up on my FMLA claim. The last time I did that was right before my surgery.  Knowing these people the way I do, I thought I should make sure everything is rolling along.

What do you think happened? They still haven't approved my  claim. These vultures! I can't stand these people. Lord, forgive me. How can they live with themselves? How long have I been attempting to take care of this thing? Unbelievable! Yet, I refuse to allow this to upset me.

Emily and I have prepared ourselves for this trial we knew we would be experiencing with them. We have no need of anything. It all has to do with the principle here. Anything to aggravate us.  Anything to prolong the finances and paperwork. Well, I have news for these people. I know my benefits and I intend to use them to the fullest extent. I am not returning back to work until I am completely recovered. 

I have finished one of my medications and I'm only on 600 mg of Ibuprofen every six hours, plus the blood thinner shots twice daily. I am a little uncomfortable as expected when one finishes painkillers and an adjustment period follows. The staples will be removed next week. One good thing about the decrease is that I no longer require a daily dosage of laxatives! Woohoo!

Otherwise, I am actually looking forward to sleeping in one of these days. Maybe a little light reading.  I did have an opportunity to sit at my desk by my picturesque window as I wrote out thank you cards. I do have to admit that my body is a little tired today. I have been also doing a small amount of walking up and down of a couple of steps. This old girl is tired. That's it for me today.

Have a blessed day everyone. 


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