The Last Couple Of Months

                                                    Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                    everyday is a journey.

Here we are in the first days of May already. Who can believe that? It certainly has been a very busy year for us. January came and we became excited for the New Year to unfold it's treasures. Hope sprung very quickly as it normally does at this time of year. 

February brought our trip to Springfield and the train crash that followed. That was a great weekend, believe it or not, even with all the mishaps like the Atm machine eating up my card. 

March brought on nothing but doctor appointments and tests. What a month! Of course, we all know what the results were, just look where I'm at now. Decisions were made and the waiting began.

April brought on even more tests and the days quickly filled with preparations for an upcoming surgery/recovery period. My niece moved away (my coffee partner) and I became a little sad with the thought of no more early mornings of catching up. It was good to have her live so close to us. We shared things, watched over each others homes while the other was away and went to events together. I shall miss her at our 4th of July Parade that passed through right outside our window. 

Oh yes, I also lost my mind and had a complete meltdown in April. 

Looking down at the May calendar, it seems pretty empty for now. It is only the first few days.  Yet, all the plans that we made in the beginning had to be altered, because of my cancer. The next six months don't look as exciting nor as interesting since I will most likely be having chemo. I just don't want to go bald. I hate being bald. 

No matter what, I plan on going to Joyce Meyer's Conference in St. Louis. That has always been a dream of mine. I'm going, even if I'm bald!

Have a blessed day everyone.  


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