A Post About Nothing

                                                       Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                       everyday is a journey.

The essence of happy living is never to find life dull, never to feel the ugly weariness which comes of overstrain; to be fresh, cheerful, leisurely, sociable, unhurried, well-balanced. It seems to me impossible to be these things unless we have time to consider life a little, to deliberate, to select, to abstain.
--Arthur C. Benson.

I had one of the most leisure weekends ever or at least that I can remember. There was absolutely no stress of any kind, no drama and no work! Silence throughout the building.

Joey called and we chatted making plans for the surgery before, during and the after. He is one of the most organized and dependable people I know. He is the type you call to take care of things and I know I can count on him to fulfill any wishes of mine. He is also great for calming me down, offering great words of wisdom. He has truly grown to be a wonderful man of God. 

I have one more day of work, which begins with an early Quality meeting before the shift, but at least I can leave earlier. As long as it all equals an eight hour shift, we're all good. I have taken care of any issues and confirmed with my backup. I've only told a few people here and there about my cancer/surgery. No reason for it except I didn't want to create this "woe is me" atmosphere. 

I only have one wish. I certainly hope it is a good day. Recently, we've been experiencing quite a bit of trouble with our computers and even with some of the equipment on my quality cart. About a week ago, a laptop went missing. So now, whenever my cart is not working, I am the butt of jokes. 

"What happened to your cart, Lottie? Did someone steal that too?"

Sad, isn't it? The truth is that when we are having a bad day, everything seems five times as hard. Our shoulders droop. Our smiles turn into frowns and the workday goes on forever. This is certainly not what I want right before my surgery. I want to be calm, not frustrated.

Until next time, my dear friends. Have a blessed day everyone. 


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