Simply No T.V.

                                                      Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                      everyday is a journey.

Thy presence fills my mind with peace,
    Brightens the thoughts so dark erewhile,
  Bids cares and sad forebodings cease,
    Makes all things smile.

Since the beginning of the year, I've turned off the television as part of my "New Year" fast. I haven't turned it on since then. There have been a few occasions on where I was curious what kind of programs were out there, but nothing to keep me interested. 

In fact, it has turned out to be a real project, a sort of experiment to see if I could live off grid without television. Would I be able to keep myself busy and entertained otherwise? I was worried when I began this Fast, because I was drawn to having the television on all day and night when I was home. It became a part of the "noise" surrounding me. 

Another thing I've noticed is that I end up watching absolutely nothing. Unfortunately, there are few programs out there worthy of my attention. I must be getting old, because I certainly don't like where we are going as a supposedly mature group of people. 

Don't ask me why I even bothered to turn on the darn television during my first week of being home. I was very limited to what I could do  and immobile. Call it boredom. What did I find? Nothing has changed since my last observation. It is a sad day indeed when we can go through the entire channels and barely find anything entertaining. It's just noise to me. I find that I end up watching the news, documentaries or HGTV more than any other program. 

So can I live without a television in my Tiny House? Absolutely! One thing I can say is the variety of choices out there are outstanding. I can listen to almost anything online. If a person has Netflix or RedBox, one can make a choice as to what we watch. The selection may not be as wide and we may have to wait  a bit for any new things, but we don't end up watching aimlessly like robots not really taking anything in. 

I am very glad at the results of my little project. I'm sure that in my attempt of going Tiny, will prove difficult at times, but at least I will know what I'm  getting into. 

Have a blessed day everyone.


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