Special Treasures

                                         Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.

I have been given many things since my cancer as presents. People have spent their hard earned money on health based special teas and miracle drinks. I've received special oils from the monks from Peru and a handkerchief that a whole congregation prayed over. A beautiful prayer shawl with a matching hat the most recent gift. There's holy water, special herbs, cancer food dishes and a cookbook for chemo patients. Linda gave me a calendar with hand written scriptures for every week. I could go on and on listing all sorts of things.

Since my surgery, it hasn't been any different. It truly touches my heart at the thoughtfulness of others. True friends really know what it is that we need. They know us so well that their gifts really become more like treasures. What kind of treasures?

Treasures of a favorite ice cream flavor or sweet treat. A foot rub or a good book to snuggle up with. A bag of toiletries that you've forgotten at home. An adult coloring book and yarn to relax you. A beautiful shawl for when you're cold and a funny movie when you're sad. Sometimes just a simple meal so you can rest. 

I cannot tell you enough nor thank you for all the kind gestures sent our way. Friends going to a grocery store calling in case we need something. We even had a friend bring over rolls of quarters for our laundry.

I've received many treasures such as these. A friend of mine once came down to Sunday School where I was teaching to take my place so I could go upstairs and receive communion. She knew how much that meant to me. My sister-in-law brought me razors to shave my legs while I was at hospital for a long time. Each one held vital importance.

Treasures don't have to be expensive presents, just gifts that are needed  at that moment. They are thoughtful, caring and provide a feeling of someone loving you. So if you know of someone that isn't well or has a sickness, next time you're at the store, call if they need anything since you're there. How kind would that be? To them, it would be a treasure!

Have a Blessed day everyone. 


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