A Turn

                                                 Everyday is a brand new day, everyday
                                                 is a journey.

Since my surgery, my routine life has taken a back seat. What was ordinary and structured before turned into an unexpected adventure. Almost daily, there is a card or package in the mail for me or a visitor knocking on my door. Every single day is totally different than the last. 

Besides all that, when one is at home whether on vacation or illness, there is more time to spend in the company of others. One may feel tiredness, but it's a different kind of tiredness. 

I'm not sure when the change actually happened, but almost overnight as I awakened one morning. I felt good. Really good.  I had a good nights sleep without any tossing and turning. Even though I still had staples, the wound looked good and healing was obviously taking place. 

Honestly, I never thought it would be this good. I was so afraid of the recovery often remembering the past pain of surgeries long ago. I am taking it easy, resting when necessary, being very aware of my body's needs.  I'm amazed every single day that I'm still here. God is not finished with me apparently. 

Healing. There is so much to that concept. It involves not just the physical, but also the spiritual. I'm thriving with all the sunshine that awakens me every morning as it streams through my bedroom window. Peace and serenity. Isn't that what we all desire?

Have a blessed day everyone.


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