The Reframing Of Success

      I have written many times about my cancer . As much as the word " cancer " is dreaded and hated , we have a bittersweet relationship . It is a friend that I  both love and hate . It is a  friend that is constantly challenging me , yet at times , something good  stems from it . It is a friend that I wish would leave forever and at the same time , I think of all that I've acquired because of it .
     That must sound crazy to you , but cancer reframed my idea of what I considered success in my life .  As I went through my journey , the successes I so desired before , evaporated right in front of my eyes . Suddenly , I had no real reason to acquire them . New desires began to appear and make themselves known to me . These desires were not filled with promises of power or huge claims of money . These desired successes were not materialistic but sentimental .
      So what do I consider a success now ? When both my children follow Christ , it is a success . When I know I am loved , when I show love and when I give love , it is a success . When I can overcome jealousy , hate and anger towards someone , it is a success . When my cancer is still asleep , it is a success . When I hold my grandchildren close and they say I love you , it is a success .
      I don't need anything materialistic in my life . I have no desire to obtain the " latest " anything that is out there . I don't even want to work overtime at work . I get teased by my co-workers that " Lottie must have found a rich man because she doesn't need extra money ." If they only knew about the " rich man " I have found . What is money gonna do for me ? It can pay my bills but that is all . It will never fill me spiritually or sustain me like the love of Jesus will .
     What do you consider success in your own life ?
Have a Blessed Week everyone .


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