God Moments Of My Life Pt.7

When we were looking for our apartment , we made a list of what we wanted .  The things that really mattered in finding  a place to live .
1. parking
               I wanted my own parking since that was one of the hassles of where we were living at that time .
2. 1st floor
               We didn't want the basement and definitely not the higher stories . Who wants to carry furniture or bags of groceries three flights of stairs ? The basement ? We didn't want to worry about flooding .
3. price range
                   We set a limit and didn't plan on going over it . Our goal was in trying to save money .

We made a list and then we prayed about it . When I started looking  , I wrote down three addresses . I looked at the last two first  and didn't like any of them . Pulling up to the first address , I automatically checked off the first item on my list . Then the second and the third , in that order exactly .

It seems that the first address I wrote down was the place for us . Not only was that an answered prayer but also a God Moment . This concludes our series of God Moments for now . Hope you notice all of yours and be thankful for them .
Have a Blessed Week everyone .


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