Down Memory Lane

Five years ago , I sat in a pew at our Church for the first time with my niece , Kathy . It was the Grand Opening of an old Church under new leadership . They sent out these little postcards announcing the re-launch and Kathy received one in her mailbox . I just got home from one of my many hospital visits back then . That was during my first bout with cancer . That first time was very bleak , my friends . I have no idea how I survived it .

Weighing a little under a hundred pounds , my body resembled a skeleton , like the Jews from a concentration camp . I had no  shape . I remember stuffing my bra with wash cloths so I wouldn't look like a board . The same for my bottom .

Today , with my niece sitting beside me , our Church is planning another re-launch with a new Pastor at the helm . New postcards are passed out . Kathy and I look at each other and smile . We were here then and we are here now . I had cancer then and I have cancer now .

Walking home with Emily , we passed out these postcards , leaving them in people's mailboxes and on the cars . Our life has changed drastically in the last five years , the funny thing is , I only remember the positive changes that cancer brought into my life . I wouldn't change anything .

Recently , a friend asked me why I thought I was here . I have no idea . I see young people dying and I ask God that myself . Why am I here when the young are dying ? I have lived my life . My children are grown . Why their life instead of mine ? I don't have that answer .

As I passed out those postcards , I prayed that someone would be transformed by them the way I was . My life changed for the better no matter how hard that may be to believe .

Have a Blessed Week everyone .


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