Sunday, October 14, 2012

God Moments Of My Life Pt.5

There are God moments in our lives that cannot be explained . You can only stand in wonder and awe , knowing deep down inside you have just witnessed a miracle  .

                            Two cars collided in front of our building . Looking out the window , I could see it was exactly the kind of accident that I , myself , had a few months back . The dent was in exactly the same place . The offender blew a STOP sign where I blew a Red Light .
                            That's where the similarities ended . The fire truck came first , followed by the police , an ambulance , and a tow truck . They blocked off the street . An officer came out and put on a yellow vest and started directing traffic . All on a side street .
                              I couldn't believe what I was seeing . This is a side street and the speed of both these cars was much slower than my accident that happened at an intersection . Yet , this person was hurt and needed attention .
                              What was wrong with my accident ? Nothing . No bruises , bumps or sprains . No aches or pains of any kind . There was no tow truck , ambulance or fire truck , just the police . We walked away with only dented cars , not our bodies .That was nothing short of a miracle .
                              Not to mention just how nice everyone was that dealt with this accident . The policeman , the insurance agent and the couple that I hit . No one yelled or screamed at me , especially since I was at fault .
                              Now that is a God moment ! Have a Blessed Week everyone .

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