A Walk For Two

We were without a vehicle for the weekend . The truck being worked on by a mechanic friend  from work . Since Church was a mere 2 minutes in the car , we decided to walk instead of missing it altogether .

Yes , a mere 2 minutes in the car . I know it's two minutes because we timed it once . On foot , it took us 25 minutes . Why so long ? Well , someone is out of shape and it's not Emily .

Friends , my hip hurt . My calves hurt . The soles of my feet hurt . By the time we finally walked up the front steps of Church , my side hurt . I was out of breath and needed to sit down .

Walking back took longer than it took the first time . I moaned and groaned and panted all the way home like an old tired dog . When inside , I was barely able to take off my shoes because my feet hurt so bad . I plopped down on the bed , muttering something about getting a little rest before supper . A rest that ended up my sleeping until 8 p.m. that evening . I awoke to Emily standing in the doorway of my bedroom .

" My God , mom , it was just a little walk  . You were out cold the whole day ."

Whatever . I'm tired , I'm old and I'm overweight . Give me a break . So I can forget about the " jogging " part on my bucket list .
And how was your day ? 


  1. Ahhh, heck, these kids haven't got a clue what life is really like. You've got a good 20 years on her, two bouts of cancer and all of the accompanying medical treatments that changed your body in very real ways. I am incredibly impressed that you could walk that distance twice and still live! You go girl!! :)

  2. Emily and I crack up everytime we think back to that famous walk.


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