Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Sabbath Day

     You know , when I was 14 years old , I spent a month visiting my maternal grandparents in Poland . It is one of my fondest , dearest memory of my grandfather who passed away the following winter .
      During my stay with them , I noticed a tradition that we only read about but never practice . Every Saturday , there would be a flurry of activity outside the home . Everyone would be sweeping their pathways or weeding their gardens . Running around doing chores of all nature .
      Come Sunday , after Church , we would have a spectacular meal and afterwards , watch television in the living room . There would be no chores that needed to be done . No laborsome activity of any kind . The Sabbath was the Sabbath and we observed it .
     It's been many , many Sundays later . I have tried to observe the Sabbath as a day of complete rest . There have been times I've succeeded and some I have not .
     Lately , I have felt a need to honor God in some way . Usually , that would mean a fast of sorts but , I wanted it to be meaningful . I want to honor Him  by honoring the Sabbath .
    So here I am , on the eve of Sunday , doing all my chores and my errands . Tomorrow , I will go to Church like I do every Sunday . I will come home and make a good meal like I do every Sunday . Then I will rest , something I don't do every Sunday. Will you come rest with me ? Whatever you have that you feel needs to be done on Sunday , can you put it off until the next day ? Can we spend one day honoring Him ?
  Have a Blessed Sabbath everyone .

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