She Is The Roots

" I am the roots of this family and you are my branches ."

That is one of my mom's favorite sayings . She has always referred to herself as the roots in this family . Well , the roots has celebrated a milestone in her life . We , the family , have decided to throw a surprise birthday party for her .

Keeping a secret with so many people is not easy , but it's even harder trying to make decisions regarding the party . With so many scheduling issues , setting a date is almost impossible .

My mom has always been a family - oriented person . To her , family is everything . She cannot go a day without calling all of us . So what kind of gift do you give to someone like that ? An afternoon spent with her loved ones  .  

I wish I could describe the look on her face when she walked into the restaurant and saw all of us there to celebrate her birthday . Folks , there is nothing we could have given her materistically that would have meant more to her than our time . That's the perfect birthday present . . . . time .

So , don't forget about the people in your life , even the family members that irk you the most . Our time here is so limited . Let's live it without regrets .

By the way , the birthday cake had our family tree on it with all of our names . She totally loved it . She is the roots and we are the branches !
Have a Blessed Week everyone .


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