God Moments Of My Life Pt.4

  This story , I wrote about, but like many things in life there are layers and when we start peeling them . . . . well , you realize it's not really a story but a God moment . This is a God moment that belongs to a friend , but somehow , I ended up being used by God to help bring it to life . Oh , I wish I may , I wish I might , wish upon a star tonight . . . . .

                          This is the story of Linda . You all know my friend Linda and her struggle with cancer . I mention Linda quite often in my blog . This is more of a behind the scenes of a story I wrote regarding Linda .
                         A while back , our Pastor wrote a song in honor of us three among the congregation who have had cancer . Since Doug and I are in remission and Linda is not , this was meant to be more of special support for her . Linda was starting a new chemo that week and she might not make it to Church that Sunday . My job was to get her there without spoiling the surprise , even for a few minutes .
                       All week , I thought about the conversation I would have with her , trying to come up with some sort of reason to ask her to be there . I knew one thing , I didn't want to lie  to her . I finally decided on telling her that we wanted to pray for her as a Church . Her reaction threw me for a loop . She started to cry . You see , she has been praying , secretly , that the Pastor would pray over her and her family .
                       After hanging up with her , I couldn't help but feel that I was a vessel that God used to realize a God moment of Linda's . She prayed and God placed it in my head to bring it to life . It wasn't my idea after all .
                      That Sunday , Linda came with her wig all done up , wearing makeup . Her family was there with her , even the daughter that lives in Indiana made a special trip for this Blessing . Linda was so happy living out her very own God moment .
Have A Blessed Week everyone .


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