A Joyful Friend

When I first began my Joy study , I was so excited ! Couldn't wait to get started . About halfway through the week , my joy was quickly evaporating as I struggled with my chemo rashes . By the end of the week , I was beginning to think this joy thing would never work . A bunch of baloney !

In reality , I let the devil in and failed miserably ! Just because I have failed doesn't mean that others have followed suit . I was sincerely reminded of that fact this past Friday on my way out the door after work .

Speaking to a dear friend of mine , I realized she is an advocate for this " Joy " thing . She breezes through life with a smile on her face no matter what comes her way . Looking at her , people may think her life is grand , that nothing but greatness befalls her . Isn't she lucky ? If they only knew how much heartache she endures .

In truth , it's all in  her demeanor , in her ability to view life beyond the trials . She believes , there is nothing she can gain by being angry or depressed over the situation . She can only wait for the darkness to end and the sunshine to begin , because she believes it will happen .

Driving home that morning , I felt so much better knowing that this Joy thing really can exists . All the more reason to continue this study . Hopefully , one day I can be where this Joyful friend of mine has already arrived . Until then , Have a Blessed Day everyone .


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