The Laughing Hyenas

I asked a fellow co-worker :
" Are you happy with your life ? "
" It's okay ."

Okay ? What ? I don't want " okay " , I want joy and happiness ! Isn't that what we all want ? When we toast people , we wish them the very best of happiness , because we all are searching for that Joy in our lives .

To celebrate life , one must skip around with a giddly grin on one's face , always encountering every situation with a smile or an attitude of hilarity . But Joy is not just written on our faces, it must be living in our spirits .

It's easy to be happy when things are great , but what happens when it's the opposite ? We end up feeling that our life " sucks " and everyone else is living it up . Believe me , I know . I experienced it just the other day . It's okay to have a pity party , but you can't allow it to get control of your life . You have to get back up and dust yourself off . . . . .live !

Am I happy with my life ? Yes , I love my life . My work life is okay , but I know that that will change , too . Work is not the most important part of my life . I don't want to be recognized for my accomplishments there . I want to be remembered for what I do outside of my work .

I feel at times , like I'm like two separate people . The one at work and the one everywhere else . Emily and I call each other The Laughing Hyenas because when you pass by our door you will hear our laughter . Do we fight ? Absolutely , but because of the joy we feel in our life , our fights last minutes instead of hours .

I  am also aware of whom I need to thank for my Joy . It is my right , as a child of the Almighty , to experience Joy in my life and for that reason it is a dishonor to Him when I allow the negativity in . Will I fall and feel sadness and sorrow and pity ? Yes , but I will do my very best to get back up and enjoy the joy .

Have a Blessed Day everyone .


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