Praise The Lord

There are days that all my heart desires is the  praising of the Lord . Have you ever felt like that ? There are no requests from me to Him . None even come to mind , instead only words of gratitude come forth from my lips , because He is who He is .

I Am the I Am .

It took me a long time to understand that phrase . When you are hurting , whether it's emotional or physical pain , no amount of medication can take that pain away . There is only one " I AM " and only He can take that pain .

Trying to cope and deal with things on my own doesn't work . Today , it was time to lay it down at His feet and thank Him for who He is in my life . There is nothing that can bring you closer to God than a little quality worship where you bare your soul and surrender to the one who is the I Am .

Our joy pours out in songs , gladness , praise and worship . That's when everything else fades into the background , as we focus our rejoicing on the one who brings us joy .

As one song turned to another and another , I forgot about my pain and discomfort . My heart  felt better  and uplifted , because Jesus is the biggest Joy ever . If there is one wish I could bestow on everyone is for them to experience that one on one relationship with the I Am . Nothing will ever satisfy or fulfill your heart like Jesus .

So take a moment , put on some worship music and just praise Him . Have a Blessed Day everyone .


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