My Next Project

Lately , it seems I can't pick up a ball of yarn and start crocheting without someone wanting  to know what I'm working on next . Honestly , I'm working on several projects at once . There is no  big  project for the year in plan right now .

My main focus  , has been on crocheting requests from people .  Just recently , my niece Kathy found out she's with child so baby booties are on order . I have a blanket from a co-worker that I need to get started on and let's not forget those famous underwear hangers . Can you believe I have two people that have asked me to make these hangers for them ?

I have also started a baby hope chest for both of my children for any future grandchildren . Silly , you might say ? Not to me . I have made things for everyone else , I wouldn't want my own children to miss out . What if I'm not around later to do so ?

I do have an idea formulating  in my mind . I really don't want to work on just one thing . I've found myself alternating from slippers to baby hats to blankets . I've been thinking on looking up  different organizations for children , seniors and crisis centers that I can send some of my crafty goods .

One thing I do want to make clear : any personal items I crochet for myself or family members  , I buy my own yarn . The yarn that is donated by people , I use for special projects that are sent to charitable institutions .

So what am I working on now ? A little bit of everything . There is always something for me to tackle . Once in awhile , even an odd request or two . In the meantime , don't throw out that yarn , donate it instead .

Have a Blessed  Day everyone .


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