The Perfect Arrangement

I love living in our building and I love our neighbors . In these past two years we've lived here , many people moved in and out of our eight unit building . Out of those eight , four of us have been here for that length of time . I hear so many stories from people not getting along with their neighbors , but we have always been the opposite here . . . UNTIL NOW !

That unit across from us that has been abandoned and caused so much controversy , has finally been rented . After being fully remodeled , it sat there unoccupied for months . Well , it must have been waiting for this woman to arrive .

Emily and I gave her the nickname of grandma . At first appearance , she gave us the impression of someone pleasant and friendly . A Welcome sign hung and a doormat was placed in front of her door . Grandchildren come in and out , visiting grandma almost daily .

Look Emily , someone like us .

Someone like us . Sometimes , I like to think that God likes to send a test out to His people and He hopes we pass . Everyone  can get along if all of us have the same mentality regarding resolving issues , but what happens if there is an aggressor presents who doesn't believe the same ? What if you have someone who handles difficult issues with retaliation , with anger and with having the last word ? We all can lose our temper when pushed too far .

We live by the Honor System here . Everyone parks in the same spot everyday by choice . I say that because we all have a preference . Some like to park right in front of the door . Some like to park in the 6 spaces available in the parking lot . We have no assigned parking here , yet no one would dream of parking in their  neighbor's  spot .

I prefer the parking lot because working nights , I sleep in the day . I don't like to worry about the street cleaning that I forget about all the time and have to repark my car several times during the day . It's silly but that's the way I am . The young lady whose apartment is right by the front door likes to park right in front of it so she won't have to walk far ( she does have a small child ) . Another parks across the street because that's the direction she comes in and it 's easier for her . She also works nights and is in a hurry to take her son to school in the mornings . We have a young man that parks the farthest from the main entrance because he enters from the back door all the time by his apartment . He works all sorts of hours night and day , he has no desire to disturb anyone .

Our " grandma " and by the way she doesn't look like a grandma , we just gave her that nickname because of all the grandkids that visit . Our grandma likes to park everywhere . She has been here over a week and already she has stirred up everyone . You could hear the small rumbling of discord echoing throughout the hallways . All you need is to spend two days here with us and you will know the tenants and their habits .

So everyday , throughtout her comings and goings , she parks in everyone's spots . No one says anything  . . . . . but neither do they park in their neighbor's , they just park on the street somewhere . Remember the Honor System ? Well , the other day , one of the tenants had enough .


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