February Ways

To me , February is one of those months that comes and goes in a blink of an eye . I neither love it nor hate it . During February , the last snow of winter falls blankening the ground for that last chance for the taste of winter fun before it escapes . The quickness and spontaniety of February  happens just like the groundhog who sees his shadow . . . .or not .

It also hosts a day that all of us singles detest , especially me . . . . . Valentine's Day . If I could obliterate a " Holiday " , it would be this one . I never could quite understand the reasoning behind it . Yes , it's for lovers , but all I see are countless single women becoming depressed because their lives don't mirror the commercialism they see advertised everywhere else . Talk about depression . Don't we experience enough of it with the constant flow of models dominating every magazine cover and commercials ? Do we need a special day to make us feel even more inadequate because we have no male in our lives ?

I know of a woman I worked with , who for many years would send herself a beautiful red rose bouquet with a fake male name attached as the supposed man in her life . She admitted to me , all in the name of saving grace in front of her much prettier female co-workers . I think , we singles , deserve our own special day .

I'm sure I will get a response out of all of you that may not be in my favor . . . . so let's move on .

Another thing happening this month is the hustle and bustle of everyone rushing to their tax personnel to collect on their BIG money . Since Emily and I take our refund and use it as our emergency fund for the year , we hardly join in the money fun . I find it very " taxing " ( hehehe ) collecting and searching for all the necessary paperwork . Every year , I start a brown envelope with the current year on it to place all these receipts into it . Unfortunately , this organizational process usually lasts two or three months . Thus , come February the process becomes dull indeed .

So as you can see , February isn't really my cup of tea at all . It's usually at this point where my heart longs for the sweet air of Spring and the warmth of the sun upon my face . Where I'm tired of wearing all this extra clothing and bundling up . The rooms inside feel stagnant and are gasping for a breeze and the billowing of curtains . February is the borderline month from one season to the next .

Yes , February . . . . I neither love you nor hate you . . . . . I just wish to see the end of you .
Have a Blessed Day everyone .


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