To Be Continued

Characters :                                       The Reason ?
                 B. The Criers , a family of four with a toddler that cries constantly . 
                 B: The Potheads , a family of three with a preschooler . The father smoked stunkweed all day long . We need to rename them because they have broken up and he no longer lives here.
                  1. The Laughing Hyenas a.k.a Emily , Diamond and myself . When I laugh , I bellow and it's loud . I also type extremely loud . Poor neighbors.
                   1. Smoking Steve , he's a big time smoker and when he opens his door I swear smoke just billows out .
                   1. Grandma , the newbie with lots of grandkids .
                   2. The Louds , a family of four that are so noisy at all hours of the day and night , slamming doors and kids running through the hallways .
                   2. Easy Ryan , a young single man that is so easygoing and will help anytime . He is my favorite .
                    2. Popo , a Polish young mother with a school age son .She is my favorite girl . Maybe Easy Ryan and Popo can . . . . wait ! That's another story .

So Smoking Steve comes home from work the other night ( he's a second shifter ) and finds Grandma parked in his place . Now , I don't know if he tried waking her up or if he spoke to her about this already , but I do know he parked his Jeep right behind her . I personally , feel he was wrong to do so , especially if he never spoke to her about it .

The next morning while I was sleeping , Emily informed me that there was such a ruckus in the building ! Grandma couldn't move her car so she went from door to door , pounding and yelling , trying to find out who it was that blocked her . When she found him , a verbal onslaught followed that would make a sailor blush and I missed it all snoring away in my bed !!!!I knew right then and there , we all would pay for that little scene .

When we first moved in , I inquired of the managing office what the criteria was on the parking . They informed me that some of the tenants have been there awhile and everyone has their fave spot . I think all of this will change soon . Today , in the mail , we all received a letter from the office stating there is only one vehicle per parking spot allowed and no doubling behind each other , please .

One rotten apple . . . . . .

In this case two . They both behaved badly and suddenly my building with it's perfect arrangement has soured and a dark cloud hangs over us . What to do , what to do . . . .

Have a Blessed Day everyone and don't be a rotten apple .


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