The Turning Point

What was the turning point in your life ? Are there different times we have turning points in our life ? Do we have events or make decisions in  our lives that are so huge , we wonder what would have happened if we went the other  way ? I believe the answer to that is a resounding YES .

I , myself , can think of three major events in my life where the decisions I have made changed the course of my life .
A) My ex
B) My first experience at Willowcreek  Christian Church
C) My cancer
Many times , I have reflected back on those times and wondered what would have happened if my decisions were different . I can guarantee that not only would my lifestyle be different , but my spiritual life .

For all the major turning points there are minor ones that we face everyday that affect us in a very personal way . My meltdown last night was one of those times .

Strong , survivor , warrior , resilient , inspirational

I have been called all of these things and yet , I have never felt like they really fit me . If anything , I have always felt more of a problem solver than anything else . That is what I do every night at work . . . .I solve problems .

So last night , I was filled with self pity . My shoulders slumped and I cried " woe is me ." The worst rash and pain happens to be on the inside of my arms , armpits and both my sides . My right foot hurts the most and my hands are sooooo chafed . I call in an FMLA day and take myself to my mommie's house . Where else would we go when in need of comfort ?

There , I was fed and pampered . My mommie opened the doors to her closet and pulled out blouses with silky , comforting material that won't chafe the skin . There , she proceeded to take my mind off all the pain by telling story after story of every second of her life this week . She packed me off back to my house with bags filled with food , clothes and a rested spirit ready to take on this turning point in my life . This is why God created mothers .

Have a Blessed Day everyone .


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