Working It Out

Since I started wearing my Gozone Step Pedometer , I have become aware of my inactivity . My weight has been a problem since this disease began six years ago . During those six years , I have gained a total of 80 lbs . and you may say it has been a struggle losing that weight .

Everytime , I feel like I'm gaining the upper hand on this weight thing , my disease rears its ugly head . The steroids increase my appetite and I gain weight . After the treatment , I will spend the majority of the year trying to lose that extra weight gain . The game of weight yoyo ever present in my life ,  I just can't seem to go under 196 lbs . , losing the same weight over and over again . One step forward , three steps back .

That darn scale would cause my blood pressure to rise with stress everytime a doctor appointment came near . With my third of six infusions under the belt , I get on the scale with defeat . Already gained eight pounds and know deep inside that this time I will go past the all-time high of 207 lbs .

But at least you're alive .

Yes , I hear that all the time . Unfortunately , that statement isn't really true . All this weight gain does hurt me physically . I'm sure the knee pain would be alot less if I lost some of the weight . At my last health screening by my GP showed a borderline cholestrol levels that I've never had to deal with before , not to mention a slight increase in my sugar , too . Yes , it is hurting me .

As much as it pains me to say , I know that changing my eating habits just isn't enough . I also have to start exercising . I hate  working out with a passion !

I know I will never be that size 7 again that I once was before this illness came  into my life . I do know that I have to try my very best in maintaining my health , even if that means getting up and working out . Heaven help me , but I hate exercise .

When I noticed in our Church bulletin that someone started a workout at Church on Saturdays , I jumped at the chance to finally do something about this weight . I've been to workouts before , but this one is different . It's led by a woman who also has a chronic disease and knows the challenges of medications and their effects on our bodies .

I'm looking forward to this new chapter in my life no matter how much I may not care for the exercise part . My goal is not to get skinny as much as preparing my body for healthy living . As usual , I ask  for prayers for strength and endurance .

Have a Blessed and Healthy Day everyone .


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