A Rotten Apple

One rotten apple . . . . . .

I've been thinking about our little problem here all night . I have enough stress and discord at work without it spilling over into my private life . This really bothers me because it creates an atmosphere where neighbors will be snitching and complaining about each other in retaliation .

Although , this is a perfect example in my showing Emily the practice of what I've been preaching to her . God works in mysterious ways and He always has a plan .

Look at my list of characters that live in our building from the last story .We're all weird , we all have issues that may disturb others , but we have been able to get along without an occurence . Why ? Because life happens . Children run , cry and make alot of noise . Couples fight and they have parties . Doors get slammed , even by mistake sometimes . Okay, so that's me . We have to learn to live together .

This is the lesson I have been discussing with Emily all the time . She thinks I'm too easygoing , so when Grandma started parking in everyone's spot , she kept asking me : what are you going to do when it happens to you ? Are you going to say something ?

My answer is this : You have to be careful when approaching and dealing with certain issues . There are consequences for our actions . What are the reasons you're making an issue out of a problem ? What are you hoping to gain ? Do you want them to get into trouble ? Are you hoping they get theirs ?

An example I gave to Emily : Mrs. Pothead goes to bed around nine every night . Her apartment is in the basement next to the laundry room . People would do their laundry at all hours and that would disturb her sleep . She wanted them to stop before nine . She called the office and made a complaint . Another letter got sent about laundry hours : Monday thru Friday only  between 7 am - 11 pm. Did she get her wish ? Sort of , because there maybe no nighttime washing but it's still after she goes to bed  and to make matters worse . . . .only five days a week now and one washer/dryer . Talk about a line .. . . .consequences .

I finish my story and the very next day this happens . A letter is received in the mail . God is good folks, because when she read that letter , she was like look what's happening now . Again , consquences .

You have to be careful and choose your battles wisely . Think them through . Grandma approached Smoking Steve the wrong way and then he responded in an even worse way . Grandma retaliated and we all paid the consquence .

Two rotten apples  . . . . .

Boy , it never gets boring around here . Have a Blessed Day everyone .


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