January Update

So much has happened this month or at least it feels that way . We started off with a fast that didn't feel like a fast at all . In the beginning , instead of playing facebook games , I just turned on the television . After a week , I realized that I was substituting one form of addiction for another . Off went the television and for four days out of the week , on came the devotion time only .
As to the food , I wasn't left feeling hungry but satisfied with my choices . What really surprised me was Emily's resolve regarding her own fast . She gave her all and dedicated herself  for a whole month , but unlike me , she never waivered from her course .

I did have a problem with the devotions , but not in the way you may think . I had visions from the start to finish a good majority of them , but in reality  only about two hundred . It's not because I wasn't spending time in the Word , but quite the opposite . I found you can't skim through these things . Your mind absorbs , analyzes and then you live them . It can't be rushed . Besides , everyday another 30 devotions are sent . Oh well , one day .

So you see , my fast didn't really feel like a fast . We established alot of good eating habits and we still plan on keeping alot of those days in the week where we spend with God . This fast really was about developing good habits instead of giving up items for  a short while .

This month also brought out some side effects to my chemo that made my working life very difficult . I expected to be tired , but not the discomfort of those rashes , especially my feet and my hands . That threw me for a loop .

To my pleasant surpise , I was able to tell my story through this blog . I have wanted to many times , but couldn't find the words . What changed ? A certain new addition to my circle of fellow cancer friends . Her own current struggles sent me back in time to when I was in her shoes . Once I started , the gates swung open and my heart poured out .

I also struggled with my work life . I like my job and the people but really have a problem with the management  or should I say , the way we do things . I have been dealing with these emotions for a  very long time  and maybe it's time to delve a little deeper on how to resolve  these feelings of discontent . Definitely something to pray about .

My famous trademark saying ? Well , I believe I've been doing it all wrong . Instead of " Have a Blessed Week " I should be saying
" Have a Blessed Day or Night " . I mean , I write everyday not every week . Until then . . . ..
Have a Blessed Day everyone .

Did you know that finally we have a tenant for that apartment that held so much excitement months ago ? Yep , a woman my age bracket . We call her grandma because almost everyday there is a little one visiting her .


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