The Lame Foot Challenge

For the past two years  , as part of healthcare coverage , our insurance  included an incentive to keep our costs lower by joining VirginMiles where you receive a Gozone that measures your daily steps . There is a certain amount you need by the end of the quarter , plus if you do more you have the opportunity to get extra money back .

Last year , I couldn't participate since I was on FMLA and didn't get back to work before the deadline . I spent the year , in envy , watching everyone doing different things to rack up their steps . I couldn't wait for this year so I could be part of it .

I am having a ball with it . You receive badges for different activities like challenges with others , there is a website where you can change groups , chat with others , things like that . I love it ! This has become my new thing ! Almost like a new facebook for the Gozone steppers . In reality , I feel like I'm in the Girl Scouts .

I'm very competitive , so the very first thing I noticed was the badges . After checking on what each badge meant and how to achieve it , I set out immediately to accomplish it . One of the ways you can earn badges is by challenging your teammates to a competition .

My first challenge competition I named " The Lame Foot Challenge " because my girlfriend and I both have problems with our feet . Hey , why not have some fun with it ? We are having so much fun with this ! Everytime we pass each other at work , we would walk a little faster or swing our arms back and forth .

I have already met my criteria for this quarter , but it has not stopped me from continuing to wear my Gozone . If anything , it has provided me with an awareness to just how much physical activity I really do . I want to do more ! On those days that I'm not as active , I try to do more the next day . I also noticed that my weekends are very inactive and that had to change .

The best part of all of this was the connection my friends and I made even stronger through these challenges . We finished one this past weekend and already made two more . We are having fun re-connecting as sisters in Christ . So when you see me , I hope you notice how much faster  and brighter my step has become .

Have a Blessed Day everyone .


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