Cleaning It Up

Surveying my car's interior , I found myself feeling ashamed at the state of it . I love organization immensely and yet , when it comes to my car , it's the total opposite .

The outside body and windows are dirty . The interior needs a good vacuuming and scrubbing . There are coffee stains on my vinyl surrounding my cup holder . It's a pigsty !

I stare at my interior and wonder how did it get this way ? Why have I let it get to this state ? It dawns on me how similiar this car's condition is to my life .

How many times have I allowed things to get so " dirty " , so  " piled high with grime " that it takes so much out of me to clean it up again ? How many times has it gone past the point of no return  ? How many times have I turned the other cheek and allowed the enemy to have power over me ?

All of my life , I have done things " the hard way " . All my lessons learned have not been by choice , but by force . I'm sure the car didn't get dirty overnight . I've noticed how badly it looked and yet , I did nothing . Just like alot of issues in my life . I'm sitting here waiting on God to clean the car for me . . . . to do the work for me , instead of the other way around .

I write on this blog many times the things that so badly hurt me and yet do nothing to change my situation . Maybe , it's time to start cleaning up this mess . . . start keeping it clean . Start refusing to let it have power over me . It starts and stops right here . No more submission to the filth that keeps invading my life . Here's to cleaning it up . . .

Have a Blessed and clean day everyone .


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