Forward : introductory remarks at the beginning of a story . Interesting word , don't you think ?

My very first Bible study , with my now Pastor's wife , began with her asking us the question . . .

What do you hope to gain by being in this Bible study ?

As I opened the book and saw the " forward " , that question popped into my head . What am I hoping to gain from this " Continuous Joy " experience ? I hope to bring back my Joy and maintain it .

 Generally , I'm very happy : Happy with my family , my friends , my hobbies and my interests . Even at work , it's certain managerial people or ideals that I'm having a problem with . The Joy is really there , it's just hard to maintain it .

Let's be honest . The only people who are truly happy to see us happy are our true friends and family . People don't want to see you filled with Joy when they are not . Some are just plain envious of your happiness and want to rob you of it . You cannot change these people , you can only change your reaction to them .

So as I read the forward , I look " forward " to the author's promise . The promise that Joy makes hard days easier , dark days brighter , optimism possible and friendships a pleasure .

So what are you hoping to get out of your journey ? Are you ready for the next chapter in your life ? If so , let's turn the page  . . ..

Have a Blessed Day everyone .


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