Clearing The Cobwebs

Sitting down at my desk , with my coffee piping hot , I proceeded to make a list of things that bother me at work . This process is a way for clearing the cobwebs that are blocking our path towards success .

As the list grew longer and longer by the minute , I noticed it consisted of behaviorial actions of others . I can't control that . I can  only control mine . Remember the Serenity Prayer ?

The story of  Joy begins with sudden change .

Sudden change . What kind of sudden change ? What will it entail ? At this point , I'm a little weary of how effective any of this will be . When I first started this series , five years ago , I was very happy and things were looking up . I just finished treatment and I honestly thought cancer was behind me . I was healed , wasn't I ?

Turning the page , I pick up a folded piece of paper . On this paper , a phrase was handwritten over and over again , filling the pages in it's entirety .

Joy enables me to hold my peace when people say and do ugly things to me .

Ah yes , I remember now . I wrote that to cut out and place all over so I would never lose that Joy inside of me as a reminder . Never did do anything about it . Just left it inside the book . Maybe , it was meant for me to do just that . God knew a time would come when that phrase would serve a purpose in my life . It's certainly worth a try . Picking up my scissors , I mentally decided to make that change .

Have a Blessed Day everyone .


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