Tea And Oatmeal

That the mirth of the wicked is brief , the joy of the godless lasts but a moment .
Job 20:5

After my visit at my mom's , I came home to drop into bed and sleep . Fed and pampered . . . . I rested and regrouped , waking with a renewed zest to face my problems . Did I have a solution or a plan ? Absolutely not .

Somewhere between preparing the tea and oatmeal for breakfast , one find's the strength to get up off the floor and just live .We slowly breathe in and breathe out , knowing all our hope is in the Lord . I can't imagine living without that hope .  I feel an unbelievable compassion for people fighting depression and a loss of that hope .

Our inner core , our soul needs Jesus and what He stands for and nothing else can fill us . . . .complete us  . . . the way He can . Without Him , our bodies are nothing but a vast emptiness . I feel such compassion for people who are searching their whole life to fill that void and keep missing the mark . It's so simple , yet so elusive for most , all for the sake of control .

The world didn't give me Joy , and the world  can't take it away .

I definitely don't have any great words of wisdom to offer anyone , but I do know and believe in God's promise to me , His child .

We rejoice because we have God's love and the hope of eternal life with Him .

So every morning as I drink my tea and eat my oatmeal , I breathe in and breathe out , clinging to His promise . I just wish the rest of the world would too .

Have a Blessed Day everyone .


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