A Need For Prayer

While on the train coming home from Springfield , I wasn't entirely happy with my accommodations . It was cramped , crowded and the woman in  front of me reclined practically unto my lap . All my previous thoughts of working on my Joy study went out the window . Only one thing left to do  . . . crochet .

The minute I pulled out my yarn and hook , I drew attention . All eyes were on me as I rapidly crocheted loop to loop . The gentleman seated next to me started a conversation , pulling out pictures of his daughters . One has a loom and another makes her own yarn and so forth and so on . For the next hour , we conversed about my craft .

There is nowhere that I can go without being asked about my crocheting . It is funny to me how something so old fashioned and basically one would think a little grandmotherly , could  appeal to people . . . . especially the young . I'm always amazed at the reaction I receive while crocheting .

Okay , which brings me to this point : Am I missing something here ? Is God trying to show me something  ? Am I supposed to be doing something with all of this ? I can't help but feel like God is sending me messages with a new project or purpose . Instances like the one I just mentioned are too many to ignore .

Help me find out with prayer . People always want to pray for me , so pray this instead . Pray that God shows me what His intentions are regarding my next purpose .  I am looking forward to what He has in store for me .
  Thank you everyone and have a very Blessed Day .


  1. I have had the same experience when crocheting, Lottie! I worked at the International Student's Office at the U of I a couple of years ago and used to crochet at lunch time. One of the students from China (a guy, no less!) was intrigued that I "did that kind of thing". He told me he never thought "women in America did that stuff"!!) It is an amazing conversation starter - puts people at ease and seems to communicate that you are a nurturing kind of person - that's almost always appealing to people! Breaks down the natural barrier that is usually there! Lovely, lovely, lovely! Look what God is doing with such a simple little needle and some yarn! (And, of course, a willing heart...) :)

  2. I think you are so right , Maureen ! People really like handmade things just as much as they like homemade meals .


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