Cancer As A Lifestyle

Obviously , I can't call my blog , Enjoying The Journey : Second Time Around , anymore . We thought about the name change . I didn't want to keep calling it the third or fourth time .  Nor do I plan on updating the title everytime my cancer returns . Both of my kids offered up their ideas , but none of them seemed appropriate here . What can I name it that spells out to the reader exactly what this blog is all about ?

Cancer As A Lifestyle was born . I may not really love the title , but it explains clearly the new chapter that God is writing in my life . I honestly believe that God has been preparing me to accept cancer as my lifestyle . It will always be here . It is not going away . Deal with it , Lottie.

Do you know what my first thoughts were when the doctor told me the cancer was back ? I thought how I won't be able to enjoy my niece's red wine anymore . How my hair will never grow long . How I won't lose anymore weight . I will always look like this .
There is so much adjusting one has to do to live with cancer .
Have a Blessed Week everyone .


  1. Hey, there are health benefits in a glass of red wine! They recommend a glass a day. Maybe ask the doc if a glass a week works!. We will be starting more peacemaker just for you and Bangie in a few weeks!

  2. Forget Bangie ! I'm your Aunt !


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