Time Management

                                                                          Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                                          everyday is a journey. 

O Shadow in a sultry land!
    We gather to Thy breast,
  Whose love, enfolding like the night,
    Brings quietude and rest,
  Glimpse of the fairer life to be,
    In foretaste here possessed.

Time. .. who wouldn't love more time? I certainly would. Every time I hear a sermon on time in Church, I feel ashamed, because God truly has given us enough time in one day to do all we have to do. It should be sufficient for us, but somehow we are never happy. 

If you have followed my journey here on this blog, you have read many of my posts on my lack of time. I'm always searching for better organizational methods in improving time management. I've made several charts to aid in my goal. I have even made schedules of activities. I've tried several, but always ended in failure. 

After all these experiments in organization, scheduling and time management, I have learned an important lesson. You see, for any of it to work, I would have to give up some things. I can't think of anything that I want to give up. I love doing Ministry, my blogging and my chronic illness. I have high hopes of doing more, so how am I to give up? Even work I can't give up, because I need an income.

Gaining more from our time here on Earth has become a great occupation of many authors and experts who claim to have it all worked out. Well, more power to you. One can't schedule a special moment that came from out of nowhere. I'm getting older and organization isn't as important as it was once. Now I'm more into enjoying the time I do have and spending it smelling the roses. If I miss a blog post, because I'm too tired or perhaps met a friend for lunch, so be it. Life goes on whether I'm in it or not.

Have a blessed day everyone. 


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