Time Goes On

                                                          Everyday is a brand new day, everyday is a journey.                                                            

 What Thou hast given, Thou canst take,
  And when Thou wilt new gifts can make.
    All flows from Thee alone;
  When Thou didst give it, it was Thine;
  When Thou retook'st it, 't was not mine.
    Thy will in all be done.

Going through my papers, updating my address book, I couldn't help wondering what has happened to a lot of the people on our list. Somewhere along the way, we have lost contact with one another. They moved, we moved. They went on to other things, we went on to other things. Where and how did the separation happen?

We all say the same to one another: We'll keep in contact. We'll visit one another. We'll get together real soon. I'll call you. We say these things and yet, rarely go through with them. Why? We become busy, lost in our new job or home or life. We forget. Soon one week turns into a month and that turns into several. 

Time goes on.

The place hasn't changed much in the last six months. The waiting room is still packed with new faces. So many people are dealing with cancer. So many people are in pain. So many people. Life goes on whether we are here or not. People get sick, some get healed and some die. We meet so many people along the way on our journey we call life. How many of them will I meet up with in Heaven? Such a sobering thought. 

Walking through the hospital corridors on my way to the parking elevator, I look at the different faces that pass me. Will we ever come into contact again some time in life? Or are we just mindless bodies walking indifferently past each other never to do so again? 

Time goes on.

Have a blessed day everyone. 


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