Looking Back On The Month

                                                           Everyday is a brand new day, 
                                                           everyday is a journey.

Then every tempting form of sin,
Shamed in Thy presence, disappears,
And all the glowing, raptured soul
The likeness it contemplates wears.

There are two more weeks in my Bible study. This has been one of the longest studies I have done. Besides the 11 weeks, there were three days that were cancelled due to the Church having other activities. All in all, from start to finish, it will be 14 weeks total of studying Beth Moore's David. I'm sorry to say this, but I will be glad. 

This has been one of the most emotional studies I have done. There was so much passion in these chapters. It dealt with joy, anger, jealousy, hatred, betrayal and remorse. I feel emotionally drained from all this familial distress. Whew!

Surprisingly, things have been going well around here. The year itself has been disappointing with both of us sort of standing in one place. It's amazing what we can achieve while being stuck. We pretty much have been paying off our debt, each of us her own. The kitchen is organized and painted. My room also looks pretty decent and I have been straying into the pantry next. Now, that's a big job!

For all the humidity that we have had this month, I'm exhausted from it, but thank the Lord we have air conditioning. How did people survive before it? I'm also learning how to adjust to all this humidity pressure and it's effect on my arthritis. What's a girl to do except deal?

Have a blessed day everyone.


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