The Sabbath Day

                                                                           Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                                            everyday is a journey.  

Thy presence fills my mind with peace,
    Brightens the thoughts so dark erewhile,
  Bids cares and sad forebodings cease,
    Makes all things smile.

Today is the Sabbath and for once, I woke up feeling refreshed and thankful. Last night, I actually slept pretty well only waking twice. My arthritis has been acting up and sleeping has been terrible. On a worst night, I could wake up six times (I counted). That's pretty bad, but not last night. 

I find that I need the pain to make me remember to be truly thankful on the days when it's not there. I feel good, real good. Would I have appreciated this feeling if it was everyday? Unfortunately, probably not. We seem to forget the good things, painful moments lingering right on top.

For Emily, Sundays are basically work days after Church. That leaves me alone for the remainder of the day. I usually spend it catching up on things like e-mails, crocheting projects or blogging. The afternoon quickly turns into the evening and suddenly the Sabbath is over. It is a quiet day. 

For almost every Christian and non Christian out there, Sunday has been that quiet day before the workday. After Church (Christians),  families usually share a meal together with friends or other family members. The rest of the day is spent casually watching a movie or game. The nonbelievers sleep in or take in a workout. No other day during the week is so free of traffic early in the morning like the Sabbath. 

What do you do on your Sabbath day? Do you begin that day giving thanks to the Almighty for all your blessings? It's never too late to start. 

Have a Blessed day everyone. 


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