June News

                                                                              Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                                              everyday is a journey.

Never delay to do the daily
which the hour brings,
whether it be in great
or smaller things for who
doth know,
what he shall do the coming day?

As June came around, I thought about painting the apartment to give it a face lift. As much as I love the layout and the quiet around here, the apartment/building could use some work. There are several colors that I thought of but, decided on the basic taupe that I see in all houses for sale. It is a neutral color that offends no one. Now, when will I have the time to actually paint it? 

I found another layout of an Rv and I thought to share with you. The one thing I love about an RV is the spacious separation of an area and the storage available. Plenty of room to fit one's belongings. 

Now, I came across this lovely item in an ad. This is exactly what I need. If I were to have a house, I would definitely try to find out more about this wonderful idea. 

On a thankful note. One night, after a particularly tough day at work, I arrived home to this pleasant surprise. I have put in a request for the handicap parking in front of my building last November. It's finally here. Amen.

So Emily made one of her famous homemade pizzas, but this time she used a vegan tofu pepperoni as topping. Not bad, maybe a bit too chewy, but definitely edible. I still prefer a vegetarian pizza than anything else. 


Check out this van build instead of an RV. I have to admit they are pretty impressive. Not sure if they have enough room/storage for me, but still intriguing. Maybe just for camping trips?

Mom has become quite a puzzle master. The two below, she didn't even need me to do the outer trim at all. In fact, she completed them all by herself. 


This concludes the month of June. I hope July brings answers to many of our questions. Plus, maybe we can actually begin painting?

Have a blessed day everyone. 


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