When Things Tumble Down

                                                                                  Everyday is a brand new day,
                                                                                  everyday is a journey.

The praying spirit breathe
the watching power impart
from all entanglements
beneath call off my anxious
heart, my feeble mind
sustain by worldly thoughts
oppressed appear and bid me
turn again my eternal rest
C. Wesley

Emily and I were in a hurry as always, running a little late for work. I turned on the ignition and I immediately saw it. The light was flashing an unwelcome sentence. Low air in tire. How? When? Just the other week, the inside air stopped working and now this. Another nail, perhaps? Frustration filled my soul, darkening my mood. What else Lord? What else? How much will all this cost me? I don't have time to take the car in. I could feel the tension engulf me.

When troubles abound, we just have to shake them off. 

By the time I walked into work, I felt a deep shame. Even if things were tumbling down one after another, have we not been especially blessed this year? Aren't we about due for a trial? Not many people can count their blessings daily the way we have been able to. Life has been extremely good for us this year and I'm complaining. If there has to be some repair work done to the car, we can afford it. It won't set us back. 

Why do we allow negative thoughts to steal away our JOY? Why do we so easily forget the good things? We are living in such a spoiled and selfish world. A world that can spill over into our lives, infecting our good souls. We have to be on guard always protecting our hearts from the me mentality. 

We will be fine, just fine. Shake it off, put on a smile and get to living your life.That nail doesn't matter. There are so many more important things we should be worried about. This just isn't it. Shake it off.

Have a blessed day everyone. 


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