OH, Diamond

The poem above describes our Diamond. Everyday, Emily and I watch this cat of ours sleep in every position in every chair, couch or nook in the apartment. All the day long. She does nothing else. To her, life is fully happy, there are no worries. 

Someone asked me how Diamond is adjusting to the new place. Believe me, she has adjusted just fine. She's even lazier than before, as strange as that may sound. The only change is in her desire to go outside. We have no idea why. She never wanted to do so before and we would literally have to pull her along on her leash. Heaven forbid, should a human walk by or a car drive past, she would scurry under a bush, meowing loudly. 

When we were searching for an apartment, we found that pets of any kind were not accepted, especially the dog. The complex where we live has no such policy. Pets are welcomed. Almost every building has some sort of pet from cats to dogs. Lots of dogs. Everywhere. This cat wants to go outside among the dogs. Why?

She'll meow and meow, driving us crazy. At this point, we're almost grateful we never gotten the balcony. I believe she would have delved off it onto the grass. Emily's response? Let her try. She'll see what will happen. Go ahead, cat, make my day. 

We have bought her a cat scratching tree that almost reaches the ceiling, so she could look out the window. Does she use it? No! It stands by the living room window taking up space. Sometimes, I use it to hang damp bath towels on it. Oh well, it has some use. 

Her cat toys are scattered in every room as if a toddler lived there. Every night, as I walk to use the bathroom, I'm constantly tripping over some toy. Quite freaky, I tell you, since we never really know what exactly we stepped on. Emily has gotten used to my yelling out in pain, not even bothering to inquire if I'm alright. 

Once in a while, in a rare moment, we will see her racing from one end of the apartment to the next. I think she loves the fact it is on the long side where she can do that. Then she ends her track, by trying to run up the wall. Yes, I said it. She tries to climb the wall. You can hear her claws as they slide downward. We just roll our eyes, not even bothering to check on her. Yes, Diamond, you're exercising. 

So right now, she is curled up into a ball on my favorite chair that I never get to use. Walking past, please be quiet and do not disturb her. She needs all of her sleep and rest. 

Have a Blessed day everyone.


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